My passions have always been all things creative – painting, drawing, writing books and poetry, designing, gardening  and have always had a strong interest in Feng Shui, Meditation, yoga and personal self healing.  I love learning something new everyday.

I love helping others, making people smile, and being happy.  I love to travel with my children and me time holidays.  I love the beach, mountains and anywhere tropical.

I love  helping others in their everyday search for finding happiness and peace within themselves.  This helps me to stay happy and motivated.

I hope you can take something positive away from my website that will enhance your life and those around you.

Jodie xxx

Entrepreneur|Blogger|Artist|Designer|Creator|Author|Life Coach|Traveller|Living Frugal


Take charge of your life. Don’t be afraid. Live the life you’ve always wanted. Chase those dreams. Love, laugh, play. Be proud of yourself!

Recharge your batteries and see your entire life becoming beautiful, one day at a time.