Do you dream of a Work from Home Business?  There are an amazing amount of opportunities to start your own home based business, freelance or just earn some extra money from home, especially on the internet. We share legitimate ways to earn money with the flexibility that you crave to start your new lifestyle.



Blogging is very powerful if you pick the right niche, have a solid game plan and stay consistent and persistent for 2 to five years.  If you can pick a topic that is really targeted, that you enjoy and knowledge in, you can make a niche income with a blog.  Best of all, you can tarted for $50 or less.  No, you won’t start mking money right aay, but you can build up an asset that you can eventually sell.  Or, just have something that provides residual income.  Most bogs take a couple of years to make any kind of profit, but once they are built, they are good at bringing in money 24/7.  Learn how to start your own BLOG.





If you love business finances, crunching numbers, or have an accounting background, you can get certified as a bookkeeper and start your own bookkeeping business.  You could find 10-20 local businesses that need a bookkeeper and make a nice part-time or full-time income doing it.



Junk Removal


You could put ads in your local newspaper that you haul away unwanted junk.  You could get a second hand trailer to tow behind you vehicle.  When you clean out houses or buildings, you could keep the good stuff to resell on Ebay or Gumtree  and take the rest of the items to the dump.



Dog Waker


Many pet owners are very busy with their jobs and would gladly hire someone to walk and/or babysit their dog each week.  This is another low cost business with great earnings potential.



Business Coach or Personal Coach


Depending upon your education, experience and business background, you could become a business coach or personal coach.  You could take your job experience or entrepreneurial experience and offer coaching services to those in that niche.  For example, if you once owned a restaurant, you could coach other people on how to start their own restaurant, or how to solve a problem they are experiencing with their current restaurant.  You can charge clients a monthly fee for your service, or by the hour.



Babysitting or Daycare


If you love ids, you could start a babysitting business right out of your home.  This idea isn’t for everyone, but it does offer a good money making opportunity if you like kids.  You could also start your own daycare centre.  Before you go this route, work at another daycare for a few months to get the experience and see if you actually enjoy it.



Buy and Sell Antiques and Junk


You can visit local thrift stores, auctions, flea markets and yard sales and purchase stuff to resell on Ebay or Gumtree.  You can also sell your stuff at auctions and flea markets.  You could put ads in the local newspaper with what you are looking to buy and have potential sellers call you.  You can buy items outright or sell them on consignment.



Computer Repair


If you are tech savvy, you could start your own computer repair business.  You could fix people’s computers for a normal fee, or help them upgrade their computers.  Or, you could give classes on how to use a computer, or a specific software program.





If you are really good at a certain subject, and you have the credentials, you could start a tutoring service.  You could do this out of your home or go to a client’s location.  There are plenty of opportunities for tutors, depending upon what your area of expertise is.



House Cleaning


Who doesn’t want someone to help them clean their house?  If you enjoy cleaning houses (yes, some people do) you could get certified, bonded and insured and start doing this.  Start with your local neighbours and expand from there.



Personal Shopper


Since most people are busy, many people would gladly hire someone to do their personal shopping for them.  This could include grocery shopping, electronics shopping, price shopping or whatever else they want done.



Dinner Preperation


If you are a good cook, or a trained cook, you could do dinner preparation for people you know.  As your business grows, you could expand into catering.  Some well to do people have full time chefs on payroll.  Other people would hire you to come in and prep a week’s worth of meals for them.


Etsy Seller


Etsy is designed for people who make all types of homemade crafts and jewellery and millions of other things.  Think of something you like to make and check out Etsy.  There’s a good chance someone else is already selling similar items on their website for a nice profit.



Resume Writing Service


If you have experience writing resumes, you could take that knowledge and have a “for hire” resume writing service.



Lawn Care Business


You could start your own lawn care business for a small budget, just using your own lawn mower.  Start in your own neighbourhood and see what type of demand there is.  Even if you can find 5-10 jobs a week, you can make an extra few hundred dollars per month.



Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product or service for them and get a commission from the sale.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, especially if you have a good understanding of internet marketing, list building, SEO and blogging.





Good telemarketers are still in high demand.  You could be an independent contractor for hire and do telemarketing for small businesses.  Of course, you need to educate ourself about the DO NOT CALL laws and have a good long distance phone service.  But if you like selling on the phone, there is plenty of opportunity to make money.  You could even sell your own products or services by phone.



Virtual Assistant


Most business owners would love to have a virtual assistant to help them.  A virtual assistant can do all of the petty tasks for someone else, such as answering emails, editing, organising, or doing specific time consuming tsks the other person doesn’t want to do or doesn’t have time to do.



Freelance Writer


If you love to write, you could write content for other bloggers and webmasters.  Good writers are ALWAYS in high demand.



Amazon Seller


If you can find a product to resell, or create a good product of your own, you can put it on Amazon and be an Amazon seller.  You can hip the items yourself or let Amazon handle everything for you via their Fullfillment by Amazon program.



Ebay Seller


You can start selling your own items on Ebay to learn the ropes and then you can look for a good drop shipper or local distributor to provide you items to sell.  Ebay is very inexpensive to start and can be very profitable.