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The Practice of yoga not only disciplines your body, but it also helps you discipline your mind.



Yoga has been practiced since ancient times.  These days, when we hear the word Yoga, we think of physical exercise of stretching and relaxing.  Yet, the physical practice is just one aspect of yoga.

The mind-Body connection

Yoga is more than just another form of fitness; the discipline transcends the physicality of its postures.  Yoga is also a mental and spiritual practice in the sense that the

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work that goes into aligning your body can also be used to align your mind.  In yoga, we are trying to calm our mental fluctuations.  Our minds have a tendency to think in the past and in the future, while our bodies are in the present moment, we have to practice keeping our minds and thoughts in the present too.  You will find, by practicing this technique, that you are more fully present on a daily basis.

The word yoga means to “yoke” or to “unite”, and the discipline aims to bring the mind and body into sync with each other.  This is accomplished through the three main components of yoga: breathing, postures, and meditation.  It is though that through that through the physical practice of doing poses and breathing the yoga student is enabled to then sit and meditate, allowing the
mind and body to become “one”.

The most tangible parts of yoga are the asanas, or postures, of which there are hundreds.  Of great importance is also Pranayama, or breath control.  As a student of yoga, it is through the physical effort of attaining the postures and controlling your breath that you learn to focus and calm your mind as you fully immerse yourself in your practice.



Putting asanas together

While performing these poses and learning how to put them together to form seamless flows, you will build strength and flexibility while improving your concentration and willpower.  You will learn to control your body with your mind and come to understand that, as in life, with time and patience, you can overcome many obstacles.




You’re stronger than you think

As you tackle new asanas, you will find that your mind often tells you to give up before your body really needs to come out of the pose.  Ignore that voice: while practicing yoga, you mujst learn to distinguish between discomfort and pain.  If you do suffer actual pain from an injury, then come out of a pose.  otherwise, try to breathe through any discomfort.

At times you will have intense sensations in your muscles – it is normal to have these feelings while holding a yoga pose.  Yet sometimes you have to disregard what your mind is telling you and move beyond thinking, “I can’t hold this any longer.”  Your body is strong enough to hold the posture for longer than you think.  By holding a yoga pose for a few extra breaths, you will begin to build inner strength.  You will learn that you are stronger than you imagined.




Get healthier with yoga

Yoga carries many physical and emotional health benefits.  By practicing yoga, you can improve your posture, balance , flexibility and strength.  You will build stamina and endurance while toning your muscles.  Yoga helps with back pain and arthritis by lubrication the joints. 

Yoga has been known to improve such all-too-common ailments as poor digestion, asthma, depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and other chronic medical conditions, as well as aid injury recovery.

Practicing yoga can help to raise your metabolism, increase your willpower, and heighten your body awareness, which will help you maintain a healthy weight.  You may notice that by doing yoga and focusing your breath, you also build more self-awareness, have greater self-control, and feel a stronger mind-body connection.

Take a deep breath…

These days, we are accustomed to instant gratification – who has patience anymore?  By practicing yoga and holding the poses – which can be uncomfortable – you
will build patience: you will find that you can take a step back, pause, and breathe.  You will discover that turning off the phone for an hour and rolling out your mat can be quite rewarding.  You will realize, when you finish your practice, that you can take a guilt-free hour to shut out your to-do lists and other distracting thoughts, following through on an important decision to focus on your breath and the alignment of your body.

You will be able to use lessons learned on the yoga mat in your daily life, knowing that no challenging situation will last forever, just as no yoga posture lasts forever.  Yoga teaches you to stay completely present in every moment of your life, whether it is a good time or a bad one.  We often bring stress on ourselves by worrying about the future, or by dwelling on events in the past.  The thoughts in your head may actually cause the stressful time – the moment you are in may not really be all that stressful.

By changing how you think about things, you can change your outlook.  So give yourself an extra moment to pause and take a deep breath.


Jodie xxx



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