Stay focused

Why it is important to stay Focused

When you find yourself losing focus, why is this?  Ask yourself ‘Why?’.

Does it make you happy?  Does it make you stress less?  No!  It makes you unhappier and more stressed.

When you remain focused on something, this enables you to accomplish a better quality of work, tasks get finished quickly and your creativity and ideas come easier.

Staying focused on a single task at a time puts less stress on your mind!



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How to Stay Focused


We all live with smartphones in our hands.  Our TVs are in front of us.  It is becoming harder to stay focused.

Our phones ding and vibrate from social media notifications, texts, calls and reminders.  It’s almost impossible to stay focused on your tasks at hand.

Learning how to stay focused is important.  It will benefit our overall wellness, intelligence and improving our productivity.

Tips to teach you how to stay focused:


Take Frequent Break

This will help train your brain to stay focused for much longer, even if you only take a 15 minute break to focus.

Use a timer if you need to.  Once you learn to do this, you will find you will focus for much longer.  Don’t use the break to use your phone or watch TV!


Exercise will help you focus for longer.  Exercise has a potential as a memory intervention and obviously great to staying healthy and fit.


 This is an important part of staying focused.  This could include writing a list of priorities you need to get finished by the end of the day.  This will also organize your brain and keep you focused on the task at hand as you work through your list one by one.

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Get Rid of Destractions

This includes your phone, internet, tv or anything that distracts you from what you need to do at the time.  Concentrate on one thing at a time.  Single-task and never Multi-task!


Always have enough food and water nearby.  Having snacks within reach will help you to stay focused instead of having to go into another room to get it.  You will easily lose focus doing this.  Food can also lift your mood while studying or working from home.

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