Here are the ways to Manifest Your Dreams

– Keep the END in mind.  What specific quality of life will the object of your desire bring  and why do you want this?  Will it bring love, harmony, joy, peace, wisdom or prosperity?

One you know your real goal, try to do your best to assimilate that quality          without the object and you will deliberating achieving a vibrational harmony with the object you desired in the first place.  When you aquire vibrational harmony or magnetic sameness with your desire, the object of your desire or something better HAS to come into your life, for it is the Law!


– IDENTIFY what you want.  The number one rule to Manifesting your Dreams is to ‘keep your eye on the ball”.  The universe does not process negatives – only energy.  Therefore the question to think about is what do you want?  The question is Not “what do I not want?”  Except to identify more of what you DO want.


– EXPECT your dreams to come true.  Expectation propels your desire and opens the runway for your dreams to land quickly, easily and gently.  With expectation as your fire, you will be less likely to run out of DESIRE FUEL!


– IMAGINE it in the now!  Imagine how it feels to have what you desire RIGHT NOW!  Your point of attraction is now!  Whatever you are feeling and focused upon right now is what you are in vibrational harmony with and are attracting into your life!

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Manifest your dreams

– Be ENERGY efficient.  Be conscious of your energy.  Keep in mind that like energy attracts like energy,  therefore, what you sow, you shall reap.  Feeling the lack of something only attracts more lack of that something.  Deliberately choosing positive feelings and focal points will keep you in alignment with your desires.


– Maintain a LAZER FOCUS on what you want.  Give it your attention.

Set goals.  Write and repeat affirmations.  Visualize gratitude. Meditate and Visualize your dreams.  Relax, listen to yourself, state the affirmation and visualize the accompanying action and feeling.

Wherever you go, there you are!  BE mentally and emotionally where you want to GO physically.


– Be UNATTACHED.  maintain your desires but be unattached to the specifics of the outcome.

Never limit the Universe by being disappointed if it isn’t in your life right now or isn’t coming as fast as you think it should.  Be careful of being attached to the how, when, where, and who details.

Maintain your desires but be unattached to the specifics of the outcome.  Let the UNIVERSE release your dream with statements such as “this or something better is manifesting in my life right now.  ALLOW the universe to let it flow to you easily!

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– Go on an APPRECIATION RAMPAGE and preserve an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.  Relish the moment and be appreciative of all that you have.  Be aware of every opportunity that comes your way and honour where you are on your path.  Look at each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Don’t get mad at yourself when you make a mistake.

Develop an affirmative statement, describing your correct performance, in the present tense and allow your light to shine! Choose to live in joy and spread it to everyone.  See it through the eyes of love.


– Let Go of the PAST and follow your HEART!

Release all of your fears and prejudices that come from previous experiences.  Regret and fear are the thieves that rob us of today.  Accept responsibility for your life.  There are no victims.  Forgive and forget, live without opinions, throw out old baggage and live in the present moment.  Follow your heart’s guidance and desires for tomorrow.

Your heart will speak love.  Follow your heart and you will have all you desire.



– DREAM BIG!  Ask for more than you NEED.  Claim your birthright to unlimited Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony.

Ask for all that you desire and have faith to relax and enjoy the journey.

Jodie xxx


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