The 5 Elements To Feng Shui Your Living Room


Feng shui is made up of five different elements:

All five elements balance your home allowing you to live in harmony.


Fire:  Represents passion and leadership.  It warms your home.  Without fire, you can have lack of direction, resulting in low self-esteem.

Add candles, a fireplace or display books that inspire you.  Use pillows and throw blankets in red or orange.

Wood:  Represents creativity, strength and growth.  Add wooden bookshelves, frames or tables.  These will create a calming effect.  House plants are an easy way to add in the wood element to improve air quality.

Earth:  Represents strength and stability.  Add earth-tone colours eg.  tans and browns into your rugs, tapestries and decor.  Also add landscape artwork to your walls.  Prioritize natural light where possible.

Water:  Represents peace, spirituality and emotion.  Opt for decor in shades of blues or sea greens.  Add paintings of water scent to your wall or add a fountain.  Avoid paintings of rough seas.  If there is a boat in the painting, make sure it is always sailing into a room (representing opportunities sailing in.

Metal: Represents focus, clarity and logic.  It unites the all five elements, creating order in your home.  Opt for items with metal accents like bowls, frames and vases.  Adding to much can come off as cold or emotionless.

Metal: Metal represents focus, clarity, and logic. It is known for uniting all five elements, creating order in your home. Adding too much metal can come off as cold or emotionless, so opt for items with metal accents like metallic bowls, frames, or vases.


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Creating a Feng Shui Living Room


Clutter can overwhelm the room and create stress in everyday life.  Decide what is necessary for you to keep.  Can anything be allocated to other rooms or donated?  Keep up a decluttering routine to create space and energy.


Air it Out:

Open your windows to allow for old, stale energy to leave making room for new energy.


Find Your Command Position:

Your lounge or main seating should be placed in a commanding position – You should be able to have a clear view of the doorway at all times.

Never place your seating in the middle of the room.  This gives off instability within you home life, work life and personal life.  You can be left feeling uneasy and vulnerable.  Try and place your lounge against a solid wall to create a feeling of safety.

If you have an L shaped lounge,  place a plant at the end of it on an end table or a larger planter that can sit on the floor.  This will balance the uneven form and get rid of any negative energy.

If you are not able to place your sofa against a solid wall, opt for placing strong pieces of furniture behind it, like a cabinet or bookcase, creating strong support. They should be the same height as your sofa.


Make it Inviting:

Everyone shares the living room so when arranging furniture, consider your family size.  Make sure there is a seat for every member of the family.  This makes it possible for the household to gather together in a welcoming and comfortable space.

Face furniture inward to invite conversation and engagement.  Having your back to the door gives off bad energy.


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Add Art:

Opt for art that brings in the colours of the five elements and that are most meaningful to you.  Be sure that it is place at eye level on your walls.  This will keep the energy from getting too low which leaves you feeling flat, low on energy and depressed.

If you decide to display family photographs instead of art, be sure to select photographs that are lively and include every member that lives in your home. This will bring cheerful and happy energy into your living room.


Go Green:

Bring living plants into your living room.  Greenery and plants work with earth’s element energy.  Provide light, water and space for them to thrive.  They will improve the air quality of the space and absorb negative energy.  Add plants and greenery to the right side of the sofa to encourage stimulating conversation.  This will boost the active energy in the room.


Show Your Personality:

Add in colours that you love.  Add in pieces that show off your personality.  Good feng shui is meaningful but it is important that you love your space and feel comfortable in it.


Light It Up:

Natural light promotes health and vitality.  If you don’t have many widows in your living room, add mirrors to reflect the natural light.  It will also make the room feel larger and more open.  Place mirrors where they will reflect the outdoor views and make sure you keep the mirrors clean..

Use different lighting options by adding accent lights, sconces or overhead lighting.  Add different varieties, creating light sources on different levels by layering your lighting.

Natural light promotes health and vitality. Windows brighten up the space, making it feel more open. If you don’t have many windows in your living room, try adding in mirrors to reflect the natural light. It will make the room feel larger and more open. Place your mirrors in spaces that can reflect outdoor views and be sure to keep your mirrors clean.


Let Energy Flow:

Make sure the energy can move around the room without being obstructed by furniture.  Opt for round coffee tables to reduce harsh angles in the space.

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