Make a list and budget

Plan your meals and only go to the shops two times a week.  Get everything on the list and then add in extras if money is left.

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Junk mail

Go through the weekly junk mail.   Find what’s on special..

Empty the Fridge first

Always use everything up in the fridge before you shop again.

save money grocery shopping

Tips for saving money grocery shopping

Follow two Rules

Never ever buy junk food.  Grow your own vegetables.

Watch the Clock

Go shopping after a certain time when there are more specials

Start from Scratch

Make all meals from scratch.  Meal prep and buy staples in bulk.  Freeze meats when you purchase them and keep them to meal sizes to save wastage.

Don’t buy Processed

Buy fresh (or frozen) vegies and cook your own soups and stews.

Milk, sauce and cheese taste the same in generic brands and are much cheaper.

Chop it Up

On shopping day, chop up veggies and divide into zip seal bags and freeze.  There will be no wastage this way.

Mark down Bays

Check out the mark down bays in your supermarket.  Lots of great stuff at 20-50% off.

What’s that per 100g?

Always check the price per 100g or 100ml.  Whatever it may be and compare each brand.

You’d be surprised that something that’s on “special”, ends up being a lot more expensive than another brand or size.

Buy in Bulk

Share with a friend

Go to the markets and buy fruit and vegies and share with friends and neighbours.


Buy what’s on special.  It’s a great way to save and get variety in what you’re eating.

Write it down

Try and have a written list and stick to it.  That way you are not buying things you don’t really need.


Don’t shop when you’re hungry!!

Look in the Fridge and Pantry

Check what is in the fridge and pantry and note what you can use for meals ahead.

Write a list based on what you can add to your stock on hand to extend and vary your meals.

Be diligent and scan your rewards card

Shop Online

This allows you to meal plan and see how much you are paying for it.

Never Shop on a Set Day

Shop when the fridge is empty.  On set days you buy items and double up on them.

Go Alone!

Don’t take the kids with you!

Don’t Waste it

One ingredient ie.  sour cream or cream does not have to be tossed after using it for one recipe.  Make a different meal the next day which also requires the same ingredients.

Shop Around

You don’t have to always shop in the one place.  Your favourite grocery store may not have the cheapest meat or fruit.  Go to 2 or 3 grocery stores if need be.  You will save lots if you are lucky enough to live next to a few like I do.

Go Green

You don’t have to eat meat everyday.  This will also save you money.   Try pasta instead.

Reduced to Clear

Reduced to clear meat can be taken home and put straight into your freezer.  Also bread and other bakery items.

Stop buying things you don’t need

Stop stocking your trolley with lollies and soft drink.  This will save you plenty of money.

Grow your own

Grow a veggie patch.

Don’t go too often

Only go once a week.  You will save on fuel and not be tempted to buy a coffee from your favourite cafe every time you go.

Make your own cleaners.

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Bake it

Bake as much as possible from scratch.

Buy tinned food

This is not only cost effective, but you can also keep cans of food in your pantry for months.


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