Life doesn’t come with an instruction book.  It can be confusing or downright frustrating at times.  But there are certain things that humans can do that will create excellent results in many areas of life.  Virtually none of these things are taught in schools, or shared between colleagues in the competitive job environment.  So what do those creating One of a Kind Lives that others do not?






I will discuss important aspects of your life.  Many of these are contrary to what you’ve been told  Our thoughts are powerfully creative.  They actually construct elements from the environment to help fulfill what occupies our mind.  Because of this, it’s extremely helpful to formulate thoughts that focus on what we want.  This can be done very easily, and anyone can do it.  As you do this, your life will move in the direction that you desire.  This happens automatically, and you’ll get help along the way in sometimes unexpected, wonderful ways!


You are unique  You have billions of cells that are assembled in a combination different than any others in the know universe.  Your talents and passions are you own personal guideposts for creating you One of a Kind Life.  Trust them, and follow them.  Others will tell you what to do with your time and efforts – listen, yes, then make up your own mind.  Your reward is in doing great, fulfilling and meaningful work.


We are taught to be safe and careful about our career choices.  Our thinking is limited by what we perceive to be reasonable.  But reasonable for who?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are creating amazing, One of a Kind Lives daily by strategically ignoring this warning.  Do you wish to take control of your working life?  You can, by identifying this method of manipulating and controlling the majority of working individuals.  Little satisfaction comes from doing work that ignores your interests, talents and passion Your work is a huge part of your life.

Create a schedule that includes daily worthwhile achievement.  Accumulate your accomplishments.


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Money has been given a bad reputation (many times by those who don’t have excess).  It’s been called “the root of all evil.”  But all money really offers is opportunity, freedom, flexibility and the ability to positively influence the lives of others through giving.  It’s a person’s thoughts and attitudes around money, not money itself, that creates how money affects their life – and scarcity or abundance.


If you want more money, focus your efforts on things that improve the lives of others.  Integrate products and services into your career that make others lives easy, exciting, fulfilling, satisfying and enriched.  Don’t be surprised if this diverts your focus from the confines of your current job.  Every successful entrepreneur has made their personal fortune by targeting and solving unfulfilled needs.

Take a good, hard look at what you think about money.  Make friends with it, and learn to love the opportunity it provides.  It is a very effective, recognized tool for creating you One of a Kind Life!


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Having fun is a choice.  Play creates it own energy, which others can feel and feed upon.  It’s contagious.  It’s pro-health.  It carries within it a high vibrational frequency.  If you are looking to create a lasting relationship with someone, find ways to laugh, play and have fun with them.  You’ll soon be sharing fond memories that lay the foundation for a close friendship.


We’ve all met people who tend to suck the energy out of a room by simply being present.  And we’ve all seen individuals who lift entire groups of people with their warm, outgoing personalities.  What’s the difference.

Energy abhors a vacuum; higher energy tends to fill spaces occupied by lower energy.  Play and fun are high energy activities.  choosing to do them actually elevates the energy level for all involved.  Higher energy translates into more creativity, health, wellness, capability and satisfaction.  It also creates positive influence among groups, gatherings and teams.  So it’s your choice.  Which person are you?


No person is an island.  Everyone lives in relationship to others.  How you treat others is a clear indication of how you prioritise compassion in your life.  It’s ultimately a direct mirror of your feelings of self-image and self-worth.  At the core of humanity, how you treat others reveals what you think of yourself.  People respond and remembered kindness.  What kind of legacy are you leaving with your behaviour?


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Of course, no one chooses the family they are born in.  Some families are kind, others are cruel.  How we are raised shapes the relationships we have, but doesn’t have to dictate them.  Day by day, choice by choice, we can create an environment of love and support, or fear and reprisal.  Most will want the best for you, and some (unfortunately) many not.  Resist allowing others to impose upon you their ideas about friends, family, associates and acquaintances.  Relationships are an extension of self-love.  Protect yourself when prudent and be kind at all opportunities.  Show compassion toward others and you’ll quickly find the warmth you share reflecting back into your life.


What is the point of life if not filling your days with enjoyment and satisfaction?  The secret to living a One of a Kind Life is discovering the often counter-intuitive truths to achieving this:  when you give, you receive more in return; when you are kind to others, you shower yourself with love; when you accomplish a task, you reward your soul; when you engage your passion, you dance with your spirit


The idea of putting yourself first has gotten a bad rap.  Self-awareness is not selfish!  Choosing to follow our dreams, goals, passions and instincts (without harming others) is the key to creating an incredible life.  As you carefully consider, then choose what brings joy to your life, you naturally assist others.  The world benefits.  Your satisfaction is always the highest when you help those around you.  We are taught by schools, religious organisations and corporations that putting ourselves first is a selfish act, and that self-worth is somehow subversive to society.  It’s not.  Real satisfaction is generated when outward acts create inner rewards.  Make joy our priority and watch you life change.


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Life is a delicate and intricate blend of the seen with the unseen.  Indeed, what we perceive as solid mass is predominately empty space at the molecular level.  The cosmos mirror the quantum.  Our fingerprints swirl like galaxies, our neurons fire like lighting, and our hearts pulse with the seasons on earth.

No One of a Kind Life is complete without a close relationship with the spiritual.


Spirituality is not religion.  With spirituality there is freedom, expression, love and light.  There is connectedness, cohesion, attraction and healing.  There is individuality and oneness.  Brilliant intelligence.  Timelessness.  Peace.  An awe-inspiring window to witness the invisible.  A direct connection to the source.

Spirituality provides no space for cruelty, hatred, manipulation, violence or supression.  If an intermediary is required, be curious.  If fear and retribution a primary message, be wary.

Love will survive all that we know.


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Scarcity is a crippling mindset.  There is always more.  It is an abundant universe, and the cosmos is ever expanding.  A major key to creating a One of a Kind Life is being generous to the world and its inhabitants.  Give freely of yourself, your time and your resources.  Each time you do this you create an energy flow, like tides at the shoreline that return to you repeatedly and often.


Why give?  Why not simply hold on to what you’ve got, bunker down, and ride out the storm that is life?

When you give there is more going on than meets the eye.  A high frequency energy is transferred,, from one individual to another.  A deep communication is established, and new connections are forged.  The universal power constantly roves our physical world (in quantum physics, called the ‘zero-point field’).  refilling the vacated space offered by the giver with new, vibrant energy.  This takes many different forms, from feelings of deep fulfillment to help for dreams and desires.  Each act of giving back initiates the Law of Attraction into our lives.

Jodie xxx



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  1. Great article. Loved it. ‘I am unique’ yassssss. lol Love it. I teach my children that it is better to give than receive.
    Truly inspired after reading this.
    Thank you

  2. I have been extremely fortunate in that I have always had jobs or a career where people share. Networking it is called and it’s amazing how few people use this. Often others will help and teach but you do have to ask.

    I am an engineer, a career that is often noted as a ‘man’s’ profession. At university our head of school created a relaxation and socialising room for us. Anyone need help, just yell out the question. A game of cards to unwind – the lecturers often joined us as they too needed to relax.

    Our ‘outside’ friends often came to relax with us. One woman doing law was flabbergasted by the ease we had with each other and how we helped each other. In law it was really secretive and cut-throat. And engineers are supposed to be standoffish!

    I also like how you point out spirituality vs religion. I am not religious but certainly I am spiritual.

    Thanks for the read,


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