Who are you?  What do you say when someone asks you what you do?  Do you have a strong pat answer suck as “I’m an Attorney” or “I’m a Writer”.  If you have been successful in your field, you may be able to answer with confidence.  But what if you are unsure, in transition or starting something new?  What do you think when you hear that question?  What do you say?  Do you feel yourself freeze and react like a deer in headlights?  Or do you babble and blurt garbage nonsense?  Do you sound confident or do you sound like you are still trying to convince yourself?  And do you really even know who you are?  Do you know the real YOU? How do you get THE COURAGE TO BE YOU?


Oprah said something that hit me hard…”Stop the struggle and allow the truth of who you are to rule your life”.  It may be difficult to allow yourself to be the real YOU for many reasons.  We may feel that we are asking for too much to be that novelist that we dream of being.  Or maybe we feel we really don’t deserve to be that business owner because..well..because we are who we are…  We don’t want to be laughed at or ridiculed.  And I can relate  I understand.  The quickest way to kill a dream is to tell folks who we regard as valuable or important and have them pooh us.


Will, how about a way to become the Dream You which is less scary and starts with baby steps for any tenderfoot? (Do not share this with anyone!  This can be your delicious secret!)

Tenderfoot Steps to Courageously Become You:


  • When you figure out your Dream Self, write down what you feel like being that Self.  Write down what you do as that Dream Self.  Picture your life being that Dream Self.  You may want to cut out pictures to make a vision board or scrapbook of you Dream Self.  Tell your dog all about your Dream Self.


  • Find 5 minutes a day to visit this Dream Self.  Come on now, 5 minutes!  Think about your Dream Self, talk to your Dream Self.  Write to your Dream Self.  Meditate, daydream…you choose!  Just do it everyday!


  • Make up Business Cards for your Dream Self.  You don’t have to pass them out or anything, just physically have them to hold and look at.  Put your picture on your card so you can see yourself as your Dream Self.


  • When you get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat in you head…I AM ________.  Look deep into your own eyes and say it with conviction.  Same thing before going to bed at night (and anytime you think of it during the day.)


  • While going about your day, start mentally pretending to be that Dream Self.  You don’t have to tell anyone, just start saying things to yourself such as “What would “I” do as my Dream Self…?


  • Get up 10 minutes earlier to have 10 minutes to physically pretend to be your Dream Self.  Actually do things that you would do as your Dream Self.  For example, writers write so sit down and write for 10 minutes.  Make inquiring phone calls to a company that would like to do business with (you don’t have to give your real name).  Thumb through a trade paper or magazine that deals with your Dream Self…Just do something for 10 minutes.


  • Play around with phases that describe what you do as your Dream Self.  Write down the best ones.


  • Make up your Dream Self Bio.


  • Figure out what the first step would be to take on a new client or to contact that first customer or service provider.  Write it down.


  • Think up what your Dream Self website would look like – what would it say, do, promote?  How would it tell your story…?


  • Pretend you are asked to speak about you and your success.  What would you say?  How would you be introduced?  What is your “story”?


Keep doing all of this and more because at this point, you already ARE your Dream Self…but you may not realise it yet!!!



The Courage to Be Disliked: The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How to Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness




Jodie xxx


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