I live slow living in real life.  2 years ago, I decided I wanted to be intentional about living a life that was peaceful and joyful.  I decided to slow down and enjoy each day with my children.  At the end of life, no one will remember the activities, events or  materialistic things required.  We will remember the time we spent together.  It was time to slow down and really focus on what truly mattered.  Each other.

I’ve put together a few suggestions on how to live a slower life by practicing every day.

Slow Technology

Loosen your grip on your digital devices by taking steps to spend less time on the screen. Leave your phone at home when you go for a walk, have a digital device curfew, or collect social media apps into a folder on your last home screen to make scrolling though the apps less automatic.


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Slow Food

Food shopping and preparation can be a source of stress for some people. Reconnect with the food you eat by growing some yourself. With minimal space and time you can grow many different herbs and vegetables. Prepare meals from scratch. If this feels to daunting, try one dish at a time.

Slow Home

Having a home full of stuff can create an oppressive air and slow you down as it takes longer to wade through drawers, shelves and cupboards to find what you are looking for. Take on one room at a time and have a huge clear out. Whatever doesn’t have a use or you don’t love anymore, let it go to charity, to be recycled or into the bin or sold.



Slow Travel

Trying to get to where you need to be as quickly as possible can mean you are missing out on beautiful things. Find new treasures and unexplored roads and places. Leave the car at home and take a walk, ride a bike or travel on public transport to get to your destination if possible. The journey time is part of the experience. Look for what you might have been missing in your car.


Slow Activities

There is satisfaction in a creative pursuit. Drawing, making a model or even reading a book that makes you slow down and take the time. Take a stroll and notice the colours, flowers, fresh air and smell of nature.

Slow Days

Make a weekend planned for you to do whatever you desire. Do things you usually don’t do. Resist the urge to do chores. Remember, this is you weekend. Take a picnic to the park, play a board game, read a whole book, give yourself a makeover or watch a movie.
Slow Family
Make time in the day and week that you can connect with your family. Eat together or take part in a family activity or sport.

Slow Together

Get together with a few friends to share a meal and have a few relaxed hours. Keep the food simple and don’t stress if your home isn’t pristine. The focus is on spending time and enjoying time with friends.

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Slow Living in Real Life

Slow Holidays

Make use of taking time away from everyday life to recharge. Don’t try and fit in as many experiences as you can, as this may leave you exhausted and return home feeling the need for a rest.

Slow Moments

In the middle of a hectic day, you can still take a slow living moment. Focus on your breath. Scan your body from your feet to your head, noticing how it feels without judging or changing it. Move your attention to take in what you can hear, what you can smell and what you can see. Take a few moments of calm.

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