Simple up-cycling ideas help provide less landfill.  Think about ways to reduce the damage being done on the environment.  With what is happening in the world today, it is important for us to practice proper care and to have a strong sense of accountability for it.  It will have lasting benefits to the environment and also economic and social.


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Simple up-cycling


What is Up-cycling?

Up-cycling is know as creative reuse.  The process of transforming by-products, waste material that is both useless and unwanted into new materials or products which will be of better quality and environmental value.


Re-cycling – the difference

 The goal of up-cycling is proper waste management in order to achieve sustainability as is recycling.  The major distinguishing factor of up-cycling is that it is more of a “creative re-purpose” reusing old, used, watse materials to make it better and of higher value.

 A common way to up-cycle is to use bottles, jars or cans and making them into vases or for storing pens.  Another popular up-cycling project is turning pallets into furniture and old cable spools into coffee tables.

If you love DIY, arts and crafts, this would be another great hobby for you.


 Simple ways to start:

 Preserve antiques and vintage pieces

 With a little creativity, you can up-cycle collections, souvenirs, presents and inherited items.



  •  Paint and re-upholster old dining chairs.


  • Transform a baby crib into an outdoor bench, dog crate or use the rails to make a drying rack.


  • Turn old picture frames into a message board, serving tray, jewellery organizer or key hook rack.


  • Old suitcases can be turned into bookcases, side tables, chairs, ottomans or pet beds.


  • Turn vintage teacups into succulent pots or trinket holders.  Also turn them into teacup scented candles.


  • Create room dividers, headboards or different photo holders with window shutters.


Projects for Kids

This is a great way to spend time with your kids and teach them how to be environmentally friendly.

  •  Make desk organizers with tin cans, jars or milk cartons.


  • Use toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes to make so many creative things.  For example:  Flower wreathes, pen holders, cable organizers and bird feeders.


  • Plastic bottles can be turned into coin banks, treat containers, canisters, or planters.


  •  Broken crayons can be put into silicone funky moulds.  Preheat the oven to low.  Put the moulds in.


I would love to hear some of your ideas.  Please comment below.

Jodie xxx

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