The signs that your life is too complicated

1.  You Make Plenty of Excuses

Excuses may be convenient, but do nothing for solving a problem.  Excuses only waste energy when we could  instead, use the energy to solve our problems.

“There are only two options:  Make progress or make excuses”.


2.  You Procrastinate TOO Much

Many of us don’t procrastinate out of laziness.  We procrastinate out of feeling overwhelmed.  We feel anxious with the fear that we will never catch up no matter how hard we try.


  •  Take the first step.  You want to go to the gym, but at the same time, you hate the thought.  Start putting on your gym clothes, then your shoes and act as you are going to the gym.
  • Write everything down that needs to be done.  Prioritize from most important.  Cross out anything that really won’t kill you if you don’t get it done.  Focus on one thing at a time.


3.  You Say Yes When You Really Mean No

STOP!  We all have limits of time, energy and patience and there isn’t anything wrong with simply saying no.  Often it is necessary.  We need to ask ourselves if we are up to the challenge just to make someone else happy by doing them a favour.


10 Signs Your Life Is Too Complicated | Happy life quotes, Simple life quotes, Life is too short quotes



4.  You Have Way to Many Distractions

Distractions breed complexity and are frustrating, energy draining and time consuming.

Whether it’s unnecessary distractions from colleagues, friends or children or an inability to stop from looking at your smart phone, distractions must be eliminated if we are going to simplify things.

There is no simpler way to put this: distractions breed complexity. Distractions are frustrating, energy-sapping, and time-consuming.


5.  You Worry Almost all of the Time

Worrying is a fruitless activity capable of inflicting mental and physical problems.  Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.  Get out of the chair!


6.  Your Attention is Scattered

Scatterbrain is not uncommon.  If our brain hates boredom and craves novelty, we should train our attention.

Inattention breeds mistakes, mistakes produce stress and stress makes getting things done difficult.  Focus on one thing at a time.

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7.  You Complain Too Much

When we are stressed, we can release this stress by complaining to anyone who will listen.

Think about what you can do to address the problem.  Do your complaints have merit?  Practice introspection and be honest with yourself.


8.  You Brood

Don’t let the weight carried on your back interfere with your psych.  Although not depression, we feel a deep sense of being unhappy and want to spent time alone.

Reduce the weight by doing things gradually and focus on one thing at a time.  Don’t let it become a mental trap.


9.  You Have Stopped Nuturing Relationships

You should be able to lean on your loved ones when life is tough.  You get so caught up in life and it’s craziness, you may pay attention to little else.  Some of us fail to prioritize our relationships while in this state.

Remember to BE PRESENT


10.  You Do Not Put Your Health First

Not everyone ignoring their health is going through a crisis, but when life gets complicated, some of us tend to engage in self neglect.

Try to get at least 15 minutes per day of exercise.

We are better able to deal with problems when we have a healthy mind and body.


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