The vast majority of humans are trying to find balance and harmony in their lives.Our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. When we create harmony in our mind and body, we experience harmony in our outer world as well.
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Balance and Harmony in Our Lives


Here are 9 Principals to Create Balance and Harmony in our lives:


Rule 1 – Harmony in Disharmony can mean Harmony

You can find harmony in disharmony and find peace of mind once you accept it is almost impossible to have it all well-balanced and “under control”.  Yes, life is hardworking and finding that balance is even harder.  So accept it can’t be there every moment of the day and you’ll live happier.  Control what you can control.  Let the rest go.

Once you accept this, you will save so much energy, gain strength and vitality, making you a better, happier person.

The heaviness of trying to find that balance will be soon replaced by the lightness of accepting harmony in disharmony.


Rule 2 – Work is Life and Life is Work

There is no such thing as a work-life balance.  Work-life balance gives the impression that you only live outside of work and you stop living when you work.  A good life during work is critical to a good living.  So work has to be life and it is not just the strict work-live balance that defines satisfaction.

Rule 3 – Don’t live Someone else’s Life

Life is short.  We have a very short time on this earth, so use it well.  Don’t let other people or society determine what you need to do, how you need to live and who you need to be.  Always stay true to yourself and don’t sacrifice who you are for anyone.

“Be the Master of your Fate – be the Captain of your Soul” – William Ernest Henley 1892And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. Follow your heart, your intuition” – Stanford University commencement speech by Steve Jobs


Rule 4 – Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Be a constant learner and never stop learning.  Open your mind and be receptive to new things.  It is lifelong, it never ends.“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.” – Ken Robinson


Rule 5 – Do it with Passion

Work has to be what makes you tick and what gives expression to your passion.  Invest in life so you get the return of those investments.  Always try to do it with passion and follow your heart whenever possible.  Shoot from the heart and the mind will follow.  Show passion and you’ll make others sparkle with you.

“Passion is the thing that will help you create the highest expression of your talent” – Larry Smith

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Rule 6 – Find your Sparkle

There is a beautiful French expression “Les veux qui petillent”.  To grown and to be happy you need to have and to find your sparkle at work and in life.  Without it, you are just living a life.  Find your purpose and you will find your sparkle.  Reinvent yourself!“Some people are uncomfortable with expressing emotion about their dreams, but it’s the passion and emotion that will attract and motivate others” – Jim Collins


Rule 7 – Life is NOT a Rehearsal

Live life now and not just for tomorrow.  The journey is the true reward.  Seize the opportunity.  Seize the moment.


Rule 8 – Physical Health is Mental Health

Invest in your health.  Don’t use the excuse of not having the time.  Make time!  Exercise will boost your mood and get you in shape.  When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins.  They interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain triggering a positive feeling in the body, resulting in a positive and energizing outlook on life.  Make it your way of living.

A healthy mind in a healthy body “Mens sana in corpore sano” – Juvenalis


Rule 9 – A good, healthier and happy life is built with Good Relationships

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.  Not money, high achievement or being famous.

Social connections are really good for us.  Loneliness kills. It’s not just the number of friends we have and it’s not whether or not you are in a committed relationship, but it is the quality of your close relationships that matters. Good relationships don’t just protect our bodies, they protect our brains.
Jodie xxx
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