Only you can bring out the best in you. Self love begins with the inner confidence that you can do it – and the belief that your’re worth the effort!



We are all inspired by humans that break records, change the world or just have an amazing life, so what is stopping us from joining them?

Self belief is the simple act of believing in yourself.  It is the difference between amazing and average.

If certain things happened when we were young, it may have given us lack of self confidence as an adult.  As adults we get caught up with responsibilities to others and we start to put ourselves at the back of the queue.  Settling for second best stops you from being your best!

Put yourself first and your positive energy will respond shining like a light.  Instead of just being inspired by others, you will become the inspiration yourself!


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Bring out the Best in You



Be fearless

stop self-doubt

Start believing in yourself

Let’s start making up for lost time and feel the way we used to.  Free to be ourselves.  Yourself!

Stop letting self doubt creep in.  Life is full of ups and downs.  If we didn’t make mistakes, how would we learn?  Having failures, we appreciate success.

Learn something positive from every bad experience and move forward with confidence.  Now that you know more, you are better equipped for the future.


This is about feeding your soul with new experiences and finding time for the people and things you love.
Stimulate yourself.  Surprise yourself.  Break your routine. Buy yourself lunch.  Make yourself laugh.  Remind yourself you are the most important person in your life.


Loving yourself is about respecting what you put into your body.  Become interested in food.  We need certain ingredients, the nutrients they contain.  Learn when and why our bodies need them.

Fast food slows you down.  Fresh fruit and veggies are your best friends.  Eat like a person you want to become.  Listen to your body and give it what it needs!

Educate yourself because knowledge is power and it is important to know how to take care of yourself.

There is only ever one of you.  Nourish yourself like the precious being you are.

Remember how important you are.  How fun you are.  How beautiful you are.  How special you are.
You have started treating yourself like you deserve to be treated.  You are eating well and finding time and full of positive energy.
Let your heart race.  Nothing makes you happier than the fit feeling that comes from moving your body everyday.
Exercise makes you mentally sharp and emotionally strong.  It builds strength and confidence.
Take a walk.  Breath in the fresh air.  Feel the sun.  Walk, run, swim, skip, skate, dance!
Feel yourself improve everyday.  Challenge yourself and see the results.  Feel the sense of achievement.
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This is decision time.  Your time.  Move forward into self love.  Don’t just wish, hope and dream.  Do it!

Jodie xxx

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