Family Portraits

Make an effort to photograph or paint a family portrait with every member present.  Make sure everyone looks happy.  Hang this in the family room to symbolize a happy family staying together forever.  Put it on the southwest wall if possible.  If not, it should face the south, southwest or northwest.





Beware Of Three Doors In A Row

This sort of configuration is a major feng shui taboo.  If thee are three doors in a rowe and one of them is the front door, the house is said to suffer from afflicted feng shui.  The solution is to keep the middle door permanently closed.  Otherwise use plants and furniture to create a barrier to slow down the flow of energy, or hang a windchime between the doors.


Long Corridors And Cramped Spaces

If you have long, narrow corridors or cramped corners in your home, they should be painted white and kept well lit.  This ensures that the good energies of the home do not become stagnant and turn into malignant and inauspicious energies that will harm the residents.


Rooms At The End Of A Long Corridor Tend To Be Unlucky

Bedrooms, studies or offices at the end of a long corridor are usually afflicted by killing energies that gather strength as they flow quickly down the narrow space.  These energies represent the ‘classical’ poison arrows of feng shui.

Counteract the effect by painting the door of the room.

RED if it faces west or northwest.

–  BLUE if it faces south.

– WHITE if it faces east or southeast.

– GREEN if it faces southwest or northeast.


Energize Halls And Foyers

Wood, fire and water are the elements that create good fortune. ‘Water’ gives life to the ‘wood’ which develops fruits in the warmth of the ‘fire’.  Keep your hall well lit and warm in winter, decorate it with plants and install a water feature – a small fountain or aquarium – for prosperity  and luck.  Do the same thing in the reception areas of business premises.


Water Features

If you install a water feature with flowing water in a foyer or reception area to create prosperity and luck, make certain that the water appears to be flowing in rather than out.


At The Office, Sit With The Wall Behind You

If you want to have the support of your superiors and colleagues, always sit with the wall behind you and the door in front of you.  The wall provides security and protection.  To strengthen this support, have a picture of a mountain range behind you.  Remember, there is nothing stronger than a mountain, so why not use animage of the Himalayas, the larges mountain range on earth.


Do Not Sit With Your Back To The Door

Never sit with your back to the door.  You are more likely to be cheated and betrayed and to lose in any office politicing.  If you are presently sitting in such a way, rearrange your office and change your sitting position immediately.


Jodie xxx





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