Using life changing Feng Shui decluttering tips is the answer if your home is cluttered, especially if you feel like it’s time to finally make a change in the way you live in your home.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy on how people relate to the spaces the inhabit.  It has to do with the flows of energy and good or bad arrangements of objects and space.

Your home is the reflection of your mind, body and soul and they are expressed outside of the space you live in.  Feng Shui teaches the flow of energy is possible by arranging the objects in your home.

Clutter clogs the flow of energy through your home and can have a negative impact on your wellbeing.  Feng shui principles provide ways to increase the good energy flows in your home which can be hampered by clutter or poor placement of furniture.  Feng Shui encourages a clutter free environment.


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Tips to help you maximize your space and make your home the best reflection of you it can be!


1.  Get rid of the obvious clutter first

Firstly remove the most obvious clutter and following the Feng Shui basics.  Work out with items you have in your home that you don’t use or need.  You will start to notice that those items are unnecessary to hold onto.

Clutter can be linked to depression and increased stress.  Overall, it has a negative impact on a person’s quality of life.  Go through each room of your home collecting items you clearly don’t need.  This includes expired food in the fridge and pantry,  lids without matching containers,  dirty sponges, wilted lettuce in the crisper, empty shampoo bottles and old toothbrushes.

It is also important in decluttering to clean stains, clogged drains, grease, dust etc…  All these things create a daunting amount of cleaning up that needs to be done, but cleaning it bit by bit and day by day, instead of doing it all at once, is a good way to get it done.


2.  Declutter your diet by tackling your kitchen

Feng Shui is about improving your quality of life which means reducing stress.

Your kitchen is an accurate read of how you’re doing on the inside.  It is a reflection of how you are doing and feeling.  Your kitchen is indicative of your energy and health because it contains what food you put into your body.

Throw away expired food and other obvious items of kitchen clutter.  Declutter your actual food.  You are what you eat.  Unnecessary items of food in your fridge and pantry that go into your body should be the first to go.  Feng Shui is about maximizing your quality of life.  Consider donating away items that clutter your diet.

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3.  Feng Shui your Entryway

The entryway into your home is important in Feng Shui.  It provides the pathway for the rest of your home.  Clutter in the entry to your home is something you want to avoid.

Declutter shoes, coats, keys, mail, bags, umbrellas and backpacks.  This leads to a hectic morning trying to get out the door and impedes the flow of chi energy in the home and leading to the rest of the home.  Keep the area well lit and inviting.


4.  Declutter under Your Bed

Things seem to end up stuffed in the dark under the bed, seemingly out of the way space.  This is disruptive for energy flow.

The bedroom is an expression of your intimate self, where you are most vunerable, where you sleep and where you relax.  Sentimental items seem to be collected and grow in your bedroom.  Decluttering under your bed is very important in Feng Shui.

Out of sight and out of mind doesn’t fix anything.  You are not creating a better space for better energy flow.  Clutter under the bed may not be visible, but it is still affecting the energy in your home.

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Feng Shui Decluttering under Your Bed


5.  Feng Shui your closet

The closet is the pinnacle of clutter in your home.  Clothing piles up with the influences of changing of seasons, trends and changing bodies.

Try the hanger trick.  Turn all your hangers the opposite direction and every time you use an item, turn it the opposite way around.  After 6mths, you will know which clothes you haven’t worn in that time.  These are the clothes you get rid of.

If you can definately remember the clothes you haven’t worn for 6mths, get rid of them.


6.  Use Your Walls!

So many items clutter our surfaces and impede the flow of our energy.  Consider hanging flowers, photos and shelves instead of cluttering your surfaces, counters, tables and floors.

Energy flow will be much better when you are not trying to navigate all of the obstacles.  Hang lights to improve the atmosphere, aesthetics and to make your home more intimate and airy.

Photos are better displayed at eye level.  Move photos from tables and counters to your walls.  The people and places that you love can be better seen and appreciated.  Allowing for appreciation leads to an increase of good Feng Shui in your home.


7.  Mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in the home in Feng Shui Teachings.  Mirrors reflect and help circulate the light and energy flows in a room.  They also make small spaces look larger.  Mirrors can add height to rooms and areas where it might be lacking.

A mirror shouldn’t reflect anything unpleasant.  If a mirror has a view, try to ensure it is appealing.  Take into account that yourself, family and guests, won’t want to be stuck looking at their own reflections whilst eating dinner or watching tv.  Placement is a process of trial and error.


8.  Keep what means the most to you.

Feng Shui doesn’t mean throwing away all of your possessions.  Surround yourself with items of beauty and sentiment.  The difference lies in distinguishing between what’s meaningful and what isn’t.

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