How To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Clean

It can be hard to maintain the freshness of your home for some people, especially the kitchen.  The smell of food while you are cooking could be amazing, but sometimes the after smell can become unpleasant.

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Pets can be an issue, bringing in their nasty smells from outside.  The laundry can also smell nasty with musty, dirty smells from your clothes.

A smoker in the household may leave your home with a sickening smell.  The tobacco can sink deep into your carpets, furniture, walls and curtains.

Always  keep your home a “Home Sweet Home” and not a bitter one.


Here’s How:


1.  Get Rid of the Culprits

There are many sources for the bad odours in your home.  Eliminate the following:

  •  Garbage in Bins
  • Damp laundry
  • Leftovers in the fridge
  • Dirty rugs and mats
  • Stale smelling pillows and sheets
  • Rotting fruit and vegetables
  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks and drains
  • Smelly pet bedding
  • Unclean upholstery
  • Dead insects
  • Dirty carpets

Try and use natural or handmade cleaners where possible.  These do less harm on the environment and your health and also smell much better than harsh chemicals.


2.  Burn, Spray and Smoke Out Bad Odours

Use scented candles, air fresheners, oil diffusers and incense as effective weapons against bad smells.  These are the fastest way to get your home to smell nice once again.

Scented candles work wonders to get rid of fleeting bad smells in the kitchen from cooking.  They are also great for the bathroom and toilet.  Air fresheners are good for all parts of your home.  Incense is a fantastic way to get your furniture, carpets and curtains smelling great as the smoke infuses into them and can last a few days.

Make sure the scents that you use around the home all complement each other or use the same scent.  Two scents mixed together may be too strong and stifling.

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3.  DIY Natural Room Scents

Simmer sweet smelling ingredients in water, then the steam will fill the air with a lovely lingering scent.

There are no chemicals involved and less harmful to children and animals.  It not only freshens up your home, but it is fun to make your own room scents.

Use combinations of:

Cedar twigs, nutmeg and bay leaves.

Orange, almond extract and ginger

Lime, mint, thyme and vanilla extract

Lemon, rosemary and vanilla extract

Orange, cinnamon and cloves


4. Use Air Purifying Plants

Potted plants look great and help to contribute to clean and freshen the air.

They also give more oxygen.  Always remove dead leaves and flowers as these can become smelly.

Recommended air purifying plants:

Peace Lillies

Palm Trees


Arabian Jasmine

Cuban Oregano



Corsage Orchids

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5.  Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way of getting rid of bad smells in your home and also give out a light mood and good vibes.


The best essential oils to have in your home: Click here to view more details

Lavender –  This is a calming oil.  It helps after a stressful day and gives you a soothing feeling.  It can calm down you and also your children.  It helps you to have a better nights sleep.


1. Lavender – This type of essential oil is very mainstream in the market. Lavender essential oil is widely known as the calming oil. Why? This is because of three reasons. First, it calms you from a stressful day thus giving you a soothing feeling. Second, it can calm down your naughty children. And lastly, it gives you a calm and better sleep.

2.  Frankincense – Helps boost your immune system and is a pain reliever.

3.  Wild Orange – To create an amazing smell, mix 3 drops of wild orange with 2 drops of lavender into a diffuser.

4.  Eucalyptus – This antimicrobial which can be used for homemade cleaners.  It will give your home a lasting fragrance and helps people with respiratory issues.

5.  Lemon – It can get gunk off your dishes and surfaces and also take care of a congested chest and throat.  It will lift your mood and kill nasty odours when used in a diffuser with 5 drops.

6.  Peppermint – Can be a useful oil for relieving nausea and headaches and is also an energy booster.

7.  Oregano –  Will help your body fight infection and has powerful antibacterial properties.

8.  Tee Tree – Is a germ destroying oil.  It has purifying properties which makes it powerful to clean and disinfect surfaces.  It also soothes earaches and irritated skin.


How to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room:

Use an ultrasonic diffuser

Apply to a cotton ball and place in areas around your home

Mix oils into a spray bottle with water to mist over your furniture, carpet, mattresses and pillows

Add essential oils to your laundry or to dryer sheets

Use as household cleaners to add nice smells and freshness to your home


6.  Ventilate and Air it All Out

Open windows and let in the fresh air and let out the smelly air.  Keeping the windows closed the whole day keeps the bad smells inside of your home.


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