Improve your health with Feng Shui.  Did you know we spend one third of our life in our bedroom and around one third of our lives in our work spaces? We must ask ourselves, if we spend two thirds of our lives in these two places, how is the quality of the energy in these spaces?  If we spend all of this time in these spaces,  how is the quality of energy and could it be affecting our health?

 Everything in your personal space mirrors your inner self.  You mirror your surroundings.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science.  It is also a living skill that provides us with a systematic method to assess and improve the quality of energy in our environment.
If our quality of energy in our personal space was to be higher, it would result in better sleep, faster recovery from ill health, greater vitality and wellbeing and would result in more creativity.

Every aspect of our life is “energetically” anchored in our physical space and also our “inner spaces”.  Your environment reflects your ability to express your inner spiritual being and vise versa.

Feng means “wind” in Chinese and Shui means “water”.

Wind and water represent the constantly changing interaction of male and female energies called Yin and Yang.  Wind represents movement of Qi (cosmic male energy).  Water represents the movement of earthly, material forces (female energy).

Yin and Yang interplay in nature and has a strong influence upon the Yin and Yang of the human body and it’s energy fields.  When optimized, Yin and Yang can balance your personal space.  The human body will then respond positively to the regenerative forces of nature.

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Improve Your Health with Feng shui

You can absolutely improve your health and wellbeing with Feng Shui and return to wholeness naturally.

Do not neglect the importance of external and internal influences upon your health.  Creating good Feng Shui is very important for optimum health.  This will result in quality sleep and inner peace.

Feng Shui is a deep and profound study that goes beyond simplistic efforts of rearranging furniture and the placing of decorations and ornaments.
These aspects  of arranging space do play a part in Feng Shui, but we must also focus on the third dimension of Feng Shui to enhance our Life Force Energy (inner Chi).  We must become aware of how Yin and Yang energy flows within the human body for vibrant health.
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Feng Shui uses and eight-sided symbol know as a Pa Kua (or Ba Gua) which has an intimate relationship to Feng Shui.  Along with astrological influences and the understanding of the human body through traditional Chinese medicine, the five universal elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood each represent a different organ system.  All of these influence our health if we define health holistically as being inclusive of physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

As we begin the New Year, it is the ideal time to choose what you would like to create in your life in 2020.

Make room and create space for new possibilities and opportunities to find their way into your life.

Here are a few ideas to create that space…

Clear the Internal Clutter and Energize your Mind and Body

Look within to identify the emotional clutter and baggage clogging your ability to radiate your inner divinity.  Clear the mental and emotional clutter by letting go of mental block obstructing the natural flow of Chi in your mind and body.  Create self imposed limitation in your life.

Make a commitment to “Let Go” of things that cause you pain or anguish, bring up unhappy memories, dull your brain and drain your energy.

Break down the bigger issues into smaller ones and tackle each one step by step.

Quiet the mental chatter through something as simple as taking in three deep cleansing breaths.  Learn meditation.

These are profound spiritual rituals and techniques to assist you in finding inner balance and clearing the debris that prevents you from connecting with your true self.

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You will discover that energy will begin to come into your present instead of being dispersed in many different directions.  You will feel centered, focused and have a sense of peace within yourself.

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Feng Shui and Your Health

More tips to help celebrate your true self this year:

Choose to do something as simple as getting a new haircut or purchasing new clothing.  Choose colours that make you feel attractive, energized and alive.

Choose a new exercise that infuses yang energy into your body.

Stay hydrated with clean and pure water throughout your day.  This will cleanse and purify your body as well as transport oxygen and nutrients to your cells and flush away toxins.

Immerse yourself in a cleansing salt water bath to eliminate mental, emotional and physical toxins through the skin.  This will also help to take away stress from the body.

Spend time outdoors by taking time for simple walks by the ocean or simply in nature to balance the energy.

Taking the time to cleanse your living and work area this New Year can reflect in balanced and healthy emotions.



Revitalize your living and workspace with a makeover.  Get organized by discarding and giving away what you no longer love, need or use.

Thoroughly clean everything to experience the energy in a room that shines.

As you dust, clean and move your furniture, imagine that this will sweep away all the negative thoughts and obstacles that block your true awakening.  Visualize emotions such as fear, anger, and attachment you would like to let go of.

Cleanse and refresh the air and invite in new Chi energy by opening all the windows and doors and turning on the fans.  If possible, choose a day just after it has rained to bring in vibrant air that  has been cleansed.  The energy flow in your space will be infused with clean energy from the rain (water), as well as the energy from the sun (fire).

Purify with incense and oils made from herbs and plants that come from mountains where the energies are pure and powerful.

Use wind chimes and bells which resonate at a high vibrational frequency to clear any bad vibes left over from arguments, negative thoughts and illness.

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