Here are some great ways to make your home smell yummy naturally.

It’s easy to make your house smell nice using natural products.  You don’t need to have all of those cleaning chemicals.  It will save you money and much better for your health.

It takes minimal effort and your house will smell amazing, welcoming not only for your guests, but for you to come home to.


Make your home smell yummy naturally

Make your home smell yummy naturally

Getting rid of bad odours in your home.

Firstly, if you have a bad smell in your home, try and get to the bottom of it.  If things are clean, they shouldn’t smell bad.  Once your home is clean, then you can make it smell yummy.


Now for the fun part

Fresh Air

This seems like common sense for most of us, but some people don’t understand the important part it plays in freshening up your home.  Instantly making your home smell better.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers placed in your living room or front entrance will add a beautiful floral scent.  Choose the following flowers if you are able to:








Display them in traffic areas like hallways and front entrances.

Natural Room Spray

Try mixing your own homemade room spray.  Add essential oils to water in a spray bottle.  Add the essential oils that match your mood or season.


Stove top simmer air fresheners

Mix up herbs, spices and fruits in a pan with some water.

Think about using oranges, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, mint leaves and almond oil.  Feel free to experiment to make scents that suit you.

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Natural Soaps

Add a bunch of different smelling natural soaps in a pretty ceramic bowl in your bathroom.  You can either make them yourself or buy them from your local markets.


Scented candles and Essential Oil burners.

There are so many to choose from.  Opt only for natural candles and aromatherapy.  Use different fragrances for different rooms.  Use relaxing oils and candles for your bedroom, cosy fragrances for your living room and scents such as vanilla and cinnamon in your kitchen.

Carpet Freshener

Mix 1 cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of dried rosemary or Lavender.

Sprinkle evenly over carpet or rug and leave for a minimum of two hours to absorb the smell.  Then vacuum it up.


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