Cleaning isn’t exactly the highlight of our week, so how do we make chores fun?  By implementing these easy ideas, you will stop driving yourself crazy.  Cleaning can be good for the soul!


1.  Play Your Favourite Music

For maximum motivation, listen to your favourite upbeat music.  Listening to up-tempo music while exercising or doing your chores makes things a whole lot more fun.


2.  Write Down  a T0-Do- List 


How to make chores fun - sweetangelcleaning

How to Make Chores Fun

Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish according to importance.  This will make it much easier to complete your most important tasks without feeling overwhelmed.


3,  Incentives
Promise yourself a treat when you have completed your chores.  Whether it be a fun activity, a gift for yourself, watching a movie or dinner on the coach instead of the dining room table.
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4.  Workout Fun
Turn your chores into a workout while listening to your favourite music.  Sing, laugh, dance, doing some lunges while you mop the floor.   Your chores and your fitness goals will be so much easier.

 7.  Designated Work Clothes

Having designated clothes for your chores will actually increase your motivation.  They don’t have to be old scruffy clothes.  Put on something cute, but practical, that you feel good in.


8. Create a Chore Chart

Use your creative side and make a fun colourful chore chart.  Keep it visible in your kitchen to serve as a reminder.  This will keep you motivated and make it fun.  Mark off one your chores one by one or put a gold star beside each chore as it is completed.

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9. Bring Out the Label Maker

Label where things need to go in your home.  The more organised you are, the easier it will be to do your chores each time.  Your mind will be less cluttered as your home becomes less cluttered.  This in turn will motivate you and you will be less overwhelmed.


10.  Monthly Clean Out

Having a monthly clean out will make your daily chores smaller and easier in the future.  Make piles of things you want to donate, give away and throw out.


11.  Beat the Clock

Your chores will be a lot more fun when you try and beat the clock.  Set a timer for each room.  When you try and get everything done in a certain time, your productivity will double.


12.  Have Fun Together

Share your jobs with a spouse or children.  Make your chores a fun bonding activity.  Cutting down your chores and sharing the load will give you more time to have fun.

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13. Schedule

Schedule smaller cleaning tasks throughout the day.  You will feel less overwhelmed by the chores you know you have ahead of you by making it a series of sprints.


14.  Schedule Breaks

Add small break times to your to-do-list.  Every hour, add in 10 minutes of having a coffee, chatting to a friend, or just relaxing.  Your chores will seem much easier this way.


15.  End Your Day

Have a scheduled time when you will not be doing any more chores for the day.  Use this time to sit and relax with your family or spouse and to recharge your batteries ready for the next day.


16.  DIY Cleaning Products
You or your children (or together) can actually have fun making your own non-toxic home cleaners.  You will have inexpensive, eco-friendly products on hand at all times without making a trip to the store.
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