We all have different ways of unwinding after a long day at the office.

Some people make a beeline for the couch to start a Netflix binge; some people work out; some people switch on the creative side of their brains, engaging in something crafty or logging time in the kitchen.

All have their benefits, but things in that last category may be an especially worthy way to spend your off-the-clock hours.

For one thing, having a creative side hustle outside of work can lead to increased job satisfaction. And according to a new study in the Journal of Positive Psychology, small-time creative pursuits — like cooking, knitting, or even doodling — can influence your overall well-being for the better when you incorporate creativity into your everyday life.

My top 20 ways to incorporate creativity into your everyday life:


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Incorporate creativity



1.      Get outside into nature – balcony, garden, park, beach, anywhere that has some greenery in it and find inspiration.


2.      Get on YouTube and learn how to do something new; knitting, jewellery making, sewing, drawing…and then buy your products and get started.

3.      Find an art gallery or museum near you.




4.      Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and photograph anything that catches your eye. Now go through  them and see if you can find any potential DIY or craft projects.


5.      Revamp an old piece of furniture with paint, new fabric or even sanding and re staining it.


6.      Make a card for someone and send it with love – try water colours or ink drawing.



7.      Keep a little sketchbook and pen you really love on the coffee table for drawing and doodling.


8.      Go to your local farmer’s market and buy yourself to a basket full of fruit and vegetables and get creative photographing and/ painting them before you eat them.



9.      Try drawing something with your non dominant hand.


10.      Rearrange your furniture.


11.      Subscribe to a daily email from an online creative business/blog/person for daily   inspiration.


12.      Daydream.


13.      Brainstorm with a friend for some fun and creative ideas.

14.      Pick some flowers and make your own arrangements – be extra creative and re-purpose an old jar into a vase and add your own personality to it.

15.      Find an object around the house that you don’t need/use and find a way to give it a new life/purpose.


16.      Use watercolours and watercolour paper and play with colours and brush strokes.



17.      Go to Pinterest and search for DIY crafts and see what inspires you.


18.      Create a “inspiration wall” in your house by gathering images, items, quotes, artwork, and anything else that inspires you and put it on a cork board/large piece of cardboard and that way you can keep adding to it.


19.      Draw a 1 minute portrait of yourself.


20.   Spend 10 minutes drawing whatever comes to mind while listening to music you love.


Jodie xxx




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