It’s easy to get rid of negative energy in your home. Everyone has had one of those gloomy Sunday afternoon feelings from time to time.  If your home feels like it’s been in the state of the blues, it’s time to get rid of that negative energy and depressing vibes.  These can have a dramatic effect on your mood!


How Do You Know if Your Home Has Negative Energy?

It is more of a feeling and there is no specific answer to this.  If your home doesn’t feel relaxing and you are always experiencing being anxious, it may be due for a cleanse.

Negative energy can begin at the end of a season or if there is lots of mess and clutter piled up.

Here are Some Ways Guaranteed to Help


1.  Clean Your Entryways

Energy comes in and out the same way we do.

Wipe down doorknobs with all those hands touching them.

Lay down a new welcome mat to invite positive energy into your home.  Place wind chimes and live green plants in your entryway.  They will remind you of spring and help filter any negative energy.


2.  Fix What’s Broken

If you have something that you have been meaning to fix, now is the time.  Once it’s repaired, your space will look more complete and you’ll have that item back, making for better energy.

Feng Shui traditions warn against keeping broken items in your home.  They represent both internal and external clutter that has no place in your home.

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3.  Burn Some Sage
Sage is used in many countries as a way to cleanse the air of negative energy and evil spirits.
Burning dried sage leaves is said to cleanse the and home, the people and the items in it.
If you like this idea, walk around your home with burning sage either in a bundle or a few, dried, loose leaves in a heat-safe dish and let the smoke get into every room.
Traditionally you are supposed to do this while thinking good thoughts.


4.  Decorate with Crystals

Crystals hold certain energies that can be transmitted into any room and ourselves.

Decorate window sills and let them sparkle in the sun or use them to decorate houseplants.

They make great jewelry also.

Rose Quartz replaces negative feelings with positive ones and Black Tourmaline will ward off negativity.


5.  Ring a Bell

Bells, like sage, also get used all of the world to cleanse spaces.
The sound of the bell fills the space and cleanses it of negativity.
Ring the bell in each corner and doorway of each room of your home and imagine the sound spreading out like a ripple and pushing all the stagnant, negative energy out.
rid negative energy in your home

Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

6.  Salt in Your Corners
Salt is used for energy clearing all over the world also.
An old tradition says to sprinkle a bit of salt into each corner of a room and let it sit for 2 days, during in which time it is believed to absorb negative energy.
After 2 days, sweep or vacuum it up and throw it away along with the bad energy.
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7.  Hang a Mirror
Mirrors are a great way to spruce up any space because they bounce light around and make small, dark spaces look more spacious and bright.
A mirror with a pretty frame can add instant flair to a wall and will also make a room look more open.
According to feng shui, if you aren’t sleeping well, a mirror in your bedroom could be the culprit.  Mirrors bounce energy around the bedroom which can result in restlessness and amplify worries.  It is especially important not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite the bed.
Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

8.  Open Windows
Opening windows and curtains lets in the light and fresh air and will give your home a blast of new energy.
If it’s cold outside, just leave the windows open for a few minutes for the same effect.
A tired sluggish space can feel more alive with a blast of cold air.
Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

You cannot relax if you are constantly tripping over things or unable to find what you need because everything is out of order.
Pick up books, clothes and other odds and ends from the floor and furniture and put them in the correct place.  You will notice the difference immediately.
the act of straightening up can also be stress-relieving at you literally are in the moment and being mindful.  You are returning your life to order.
To maintain freedom from clutter, make an effort to always put things back in their place once you have done with them.
Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

10.  Turn On Some Music
Music is a great way to lift your mood anytime.
Turn on something that suits your mood and let it make you feel alive.  Sing, dance, clean, work on your hobbies.


Smell is very important when it comes to making you feel good.  It is strongly linked to emotion and memory.  Your house should smell the way you want it to.
Try scented candles or incense.  If you would rather avoid smoke, try a diffuser, potpurri or room spray.
The smells will uplift your mood.
Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

Rid Negative Energy in Your Home

12.  Change it Up
They saying goes, “Change is as good as a holiday”.  If a room is really feeling blah no matter what you do, it might be time to switch up the furniture arrangement and decor.
A new arrangement can make the room you see look like a different one which is great to uplift your spirits.


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