Take These simple Ideas to Get and Stay Inspired


  •  Change Your Attitude

Take notice of the specific times and events that make you feel inspired.

Try and take the same attitude as you had at those times and apply it to everyday life no matter what you are doing.

Don’t put off goals and dreams and find excuses.  START NOW!  Set goals for yourself everyday.


  •  Choose It

Some days we don’t feel inspired.  Life happens and things can happen to make you feel unmotivated.  Go looking for inspiration because it won’t always find you.

Use your power to press on.  Defeat your unmotivated-ness!


  •  Make Goals and Actually Do them

When you make a list of goals, it’s not always easy to do them.  You  may end up doing nothing at all, even though you felt inspired when you wrote your list.

Create specific, concrete steps to actually achieve your goals.


  •  Don’t wait until later

Don’t put your happinesss and goals on hold.

Whatever your own perceived limitations are, don’t wait for life to present you with the perfect moment because it probably never will.  Find a way to get past your limitations to start doing what you want RIGHT NOW!

  •  Give Yourself a Change of Scenery

If you work in the same space everyday, try changing location.

If you never try to explore new locations, go exploring!  In discovering new scenery, you can feel refreshed and inspired.  Even going to a place that you already know inspires you can yield fresh inspiration.

A change of scenery and exploring doesn’t have to mean going out in nature.  You could go to a new cafe, the library, markets, go for a hike, walk a new area in your neighbourhood you haven’t been before or go to a museum.


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  •  Refresh Your Workspace

Decorate your workspace with plants, put in some colour, whatever you know that will inspire you and make you happy everyday.


  •   Pinterest For Inspiration

There is lots of inspiration on Pinterest.

Don’t get caught in the trap of pinning for hours and realize that you actually didn’t take any action to do anything!

  •  Exercise

It’s hard sometimes to find the motivation to exercise, but remember you will feel much more refreshed when you do.  Get your body moving.  It will release feel good hormones and get your blood pumping.


  •  Music For Inspiration

Make a playlist of music that inspires you.  Infact, have a variety of playlists.  A work out playlist, housework playlist and working playlist.


The 30 best inspirational songs, from 'Heroes' to 'Born to Run' - Time Out


  •  Be Spontaneous

Try doing things spur of the moment!  Go for a day trip, go see a friend, take yourself out for a meal.  Anything!


  •  Focus on Your Feelings

If you are feeling down and  being frustrated because you are not feeling the passion or inspiration, try to accept how you are feeling.  It is okay.

Inspiration will come and go.  Don’t overthink it and feel freaked out when you are not feeling motivated or inspired.  Just accept the feeling.  Fighting it will only make things worse.

  •  Dream and Talk About It

Dream about your goals and desires to your hearts content.  It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, write it down.

Share you dreams with someone.  This will make them more real when you say it out allowed and make you more accountable.

  •  When You Feel Inspired, Take Note

Write down when someone or something inspires you.  A friend who has made an accomplishment, a song that gave you goosebumps,  anything.


  •  Pay It Forward

Tell someone when they inspire you.  This will inspire the other person.  It will feel good for them and you.


  •  Apply That Inspiring Act and Apply it to You

Apply an inspiring act to your own personal business or life vision.  Make sure you take action when you are inspired.

Jodie x

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