The universe is vast and it can be very hard to find your way.  If you are craving direction, you may feel listless, frustrated and even depressed.  It can be very difficult to get anywhere while you’re staring off into the horizon.  To find direction in your life is to put your feet on the ground and starting exploring the options all around you.  Purpose must come about naturally.


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Notice what you truly enjoy doing
If you find passion, it will come from an accumulation of joyful time spent doing something you love.  What are you drawn to?  The things that you do when no one asks you to do anything at all.  Before you focus on where you are going, focus on what truly makes you happy.
There are many kids of enjoyment.  You may find that you enjoy pleasures that you enjoy that also challenge you.  Look for fulfilling ways that you can challenge yourself.
Happiness is a foundation for success.  If you spend your time on things that you don’t love, then you may not put much of yourself into your work.
Look for inspiration
Purpose comes from people.  To find direction, you need to be inspired.  Inspiration is often sparked by a catalyst in the world around you.
Success means something different to everyone.  It is ultimately up to you to decide what makes a meaningful life.  Make a list of things you love to do and value.
Think about how these values might spur you in a certain direction.  If you feel deeply called to help people, look into careers focused on helping people.  If you feel that it is important for you to exercise your creativity, then you should do that.
Seek advice from friends, family and teachers whom you admire.  Speak to successful people in your community and ask them how they got to where they are today.
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How to find your direction in life.


Exploring Possibilities


Try something

Accept that you may not be able to tell with absolute certainty that a your choice is the right choice.  Embrace the fact that the direction you choose may not be perfect.  Remember, nothing is permanent.  Time is constant direction as the life of a human goes.  You can course correct as you go.  You can’t know which adjustments you’ll need to make until you get started.

The important thing is that you are engaging with your life.  Don’t just sit back and watch time go by.  Live passionately even if you are never absolutely certain.


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Be Bold

There is no telling if anything will work out.  You cannot predict exactly where any given choice will take you.  You may fail.  You may succeed.  Take a chance on yourself.  Follow your passions.  Life is short!



Take small steps to start with


You don’t have to quit your job or drop out of school.  These leaps could be wonderful, forcing that lead to understanding yourself and discovering your passions.  Firstly look for ways to test out your ideas in your everyday life.

Consider volunteering opportunities that allow you to get a better sense of what it’s like to work in that field.

Learn something new.  Make use of your free time by learning a new skill.  Don’t worry about why you are learning something, just follow your passion.
Make a commitment to grow
Challenge yourself to try something new each week.  Do something that scares you and takes you out of your comfort zone.  Make learning an everyday practice.  Don’t wait for life to come to you!

Pursuing Direction


Commit to a direction

You don’t have to be absolutely certain that it is the right path.  Trust yourself.  Trust that you will be able to escape any given set of circumstances if you no longer feel that you are moving forward.  Make a choice and see where it takes you.  Throw yourself into something that inspires a flare of passion within you.



Commit to a Direction

Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices.  Don’t be afraid to commit.  No commitment is permanent.  You can always drop out and change direction.



Work hard to be present

If you are always halfway in and halfway out of commitment, you won’t be able to say that you have given your direction a fair go.  Stop your doubts for a time and focus on the joys of doing exactly what you are doing.

Follow your dreams despite ups and downs in life.  Let your passion and your intention guide you as you build momentum in the right direction.  Direction is knowing where you are going.  Trust yourself!
Persevere even if you are the only one who believes in you.  You should however, not ignore good advice.
Have confidence in your abilities.  Follow through with your decisions.
Check in with yourself.
Accept that you will change.  Your needs will change and your purpose will change.  Pursue your choices wholeheartedly.  Do not let yourself become trapped in a situation that doesn’t fulfill you.  Sometimes you may feel you need to change direction, but you may merely need to adjust your sails.


  • Ask yourself:
    • “Am I growing in the ways that I want to be growing?”
    • “Am I happy? Am I satisfied?”
    • “Does this direction feel worthwhile?”
    • “What can I do to make things better?”


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