It’s not always easy to find the motivation to exercise.  Its even harder when you don’t enjoy it.

Finding out why getting active is so important by learning how to change your mindset about it.


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Find the Motivation to Exercise


This can be beneficial if:

–  You don’t like exercising

– You need motivation to get you moving

– You want to be fitter and healthier


Why exercise?


1.  It charges you up
30 minutes or more of exercise releases endorphins in the brain, giving you energy, vitality and an intense natural high.

2.  It helps you to remain positive

Exercise is a great way to help manage depression.  It releases those happy hormones and helps clear your mind of stress, confusion and worry.

3.  It helps your social life

Exercising with others, going to the gym and playing sports can be a great way to meet new people and keep each other motivated.

4.  It helps you sleep

Working the body and clearing the brain gives you a good night’s sleep and can help regulate bad sleeping patterns.




Switch off your hater mindset

If you hate the thought of exercise, it is important to try and switch your mindset.  You will never get up and get active otherwise.  Some things to consider:

1.  Don’t use the ‘Exercise’ word

Think of it as ‘being active’ or ‘feeling healthy’.  To get started is to increase the overall amount of movement and activity in your day.  Walk to the bus, stop taking the stairs etc…  There are plenty of apps that can help you track your daily activity or motivate you to walk.

2.  Exercise does not have to be in a gym

Get outdoors, go dancing, run around in the surf or go for a bike ride.  There are many ways to exercise.

3.  You do not have to love exercise

Identify with an exercise that you can enjoy and will want to do.  If you are struggling to find anything you like to do, think about getting active the way you think about brushing your hair.  You don’t love it, but you do it anyway.



Create your own personalized routine

Keep in mind that in order for something to become routine, you need to stick to it.  Set up a system – when, where, how you are going to exercise.  Keep at it.  It will become easier over time and will even become a habit that you don’t need to think about.


Get started by:

1.  Use an app

There are simple and free apps on your phone to help motivate you.

2.  It doesn’t have to cost you money

Go for a walk, a run or a hike.  You can get free guided exercise routines on YouTube.

3.  Just 30 minutes a day

3o minutes of moderate exercise everyday is the best way to start.  30 minutes does not have to be done all at once.  You can break it into shorter sessions.


4. Write it down and mix it up. Write down as many different kinds of activity as you can think of. Keep your list handy when it’s time to get moving. Having a wide ‘menu’ of activities to choose from will keep you interested and motivated. A good tip is to save your favourite activities for those days when you really don’t feel like doing anything.

What can I do now?

  • Talk to your doctor to assess your health before you kick off your training regimen.
  • Start small and work your way up to a regular exercise routine.
  • Download an exercise app, or find a YouTube workout that appeals to you.
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