Why Should You Declutter Your Mind?

Firstly, to declutter your mind means removing all of the unnecessary things that take up space in your mind to add worry or anxiety to your life.



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Declutter Your Mind

Reasons to reduce your mental clutter:

Reduce worry and anxiety

Remove the things that do not bring you joy.

Turn down the notifications pinging from you social media.

Only check your emails a couple of times a day.

Remove the relationships that are stressing you out.

Remove anything that add a sense of urgency to your life which annoys you.

Once you start to remove these things, you will have fewer things to worry about on a daily basis.

Increase Happiness

Remove the people, responsibilities and things that do not bring you joy.  What’s left?  Only the things you love.

Everytime you remove something you don’t like, you increase your confidence in your ability to choose what matters.  You worry less and you begin to savour life more on a daily basis.

Increase Abundance in Your Life

When you have fewer things on your mind, you free yourself to think about the future, the bigger picture and where you want to go instead of where you are today.

You become more productive in your life.  You no longer have to split your time between things that matter and thinks that don’t.  Remove all of the unnecessary.  All that will be left is the important and you begin to live a life of joy.

What to Keep

It can be hard to remove things from your life especially if this is the first time you have attempted to declutter.

You have the power to control what to remove.  You only need to remove the things that you absolutely don’t need in your life.

Remove the unnecessary, the stressors, the negativity and all of the anxiety inducing things in your life.

Decluttering requires you to be intentional about your life.  Choose what you want.  What you remove is your choice!

If you remove something from your life, you can always bring it back.

The Best Time to Start Decluttering

ANYTIME!  You don’t need to wait for a right time.  You can do it more than once a year.

Here are a list of great times to declutter:

  •  During a big life change
  • When you are ready for a fresh start
  • When you feel overwhelmed with life


Declutter Your Life Without Guilt

Clarify Your Priorities.

Take time to decide your priorities.  Make a list or/and do some journaling.  Try tools such as going for a walk or meditation to help you thing clearer.

Remove Things That are NOT a Priority

Start saying not to events that you have no interest in.  Get into a routine with your household tasks.  Make lists.  Spend the extra time doing things that bring you joy.

Let go of the Outcome

You can’t make everyone happy.  This is your life.  Decide to prioritize now, let go of what everyone else thinks about your decisions.

Follow Through with Your Decisions

What ever your decisions, go for them.  You can always tweak at anytime you choose.  Do what works for you.

Take a Break and Slow Down

Taking a break and slowing down can sometimes be exactly the thing you need to do to recharge and starting moving forward with your priorities.

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