Creating the Perfect Home Office to Keep You Focused

Many people are working from home right now.  Working from home can prove to be a challenge.  Yes, you may have left behind the the noise and distractions associated with the office environment, you no longer need to commute and you don’t have to get ready for the day.  When you start working from home, you are trading office distractions  for household ones.

You may be working in a space that isn’t conducive to your best performance.  It is important to create a workspace that is separated from your home life.  Working from home gives you the freedom to how your office space looks and functions.

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I’ve put together a Home Office List to help you maximize your productivity:

Look for things like bad lighting, clutter, bare walls, colour schemes and the spatial layout.  These can all impact your work and your productivity.


Think about how you want to feel in your home office.   Having the right colours in your space can determine how well you work.  There is an entire Psychology behind how colours can affect the brain.

The best colours to improve and increase productivity, as well as energy, are blues and greens.

Inclued plenty of contrast in your colour scheme and stay away from bland colours such as brown and beige.


Create the Perfect Home Office

Create the Perfect Home Office


It is an excellent idea to have decor in your office that will inspire you, such as wall art, water fountains or household plants.  Don’t go over do it however.  You don’t want to take up valuable office space and make the room look and feel cluttered.  This in turn will clutter your brain, leading to less productivity.



Natural light will energize you.  Make sure your workspace is in a room with a window.  If it is possible to change a light fixture in your office, look for one specifically made for an office.  One that offers cool light and reduces glare.



Having the correct furniture in your office can affect your attitude towards your work.  Do not choose bland and boring pieces.  These are uninspiring and can make you feel less motivated to work.

Ensure your chair is comfortable.  This is essential in helping you maintain a steady work pace.  An uncomfortable chair can cause you neck and back pain.

Having a standing desk can increase your productivity and keep your energy levels high.  Sitting can for long hours can be a health hazard.  It is possible to invest in an adjustable desk that will allow you to sit and stand as needed.  Make sure your desk is large enough for everything that you need.  Don’t buy a desk that is to large.  This can encourage you to add clutter.

Whatever pieces you choose, keep it to a minimum to reduce clutter and give you plenty of creative space.

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The Do Nots

  •  Don’t opt for convenience over function
  • Don’t opt for the only spare room you have because it makes sense.  It doesn’t mean it is the best option
  • Do not place your office in a central activity hub.  For example the kitchen or the family room.
  • Make sure their is not a blur between your work life and your home life
  • Opt for a space where other people are not flowing in and out of your space
  • Your home office should only be your home office
  • Don’t combine your desk and work areas with storage, toy boxes and school work.
  • The less clutter in you space, the more conducive it is to concentrate on productivity


Feng Shui Tips

  •  Place your office as far away from your bedroom as possible
  • Keep all work areas clean and free of clutter
  • Your office should have adequate lighting
  • Your desk should be in the power position – Where you can see the door with minimal effort.  You will be able to see people and energy entering your office.  This symbolizes that you are in control of your success
  • Always have a high backed chair or a solid wall behind you.  Never sit with your back against a window or mirror


Your Home Office needs are unique to your job and personality.  Following these simple tips can lead to great rewards in your work life.


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  1. Thank you for these wonderful ideas.

    I have been working form home since the inception of the lockdown.

    I found every bit of this article informative.

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