Why Build Confidence?
You may think certain jobs are out of your reach, when they are not.  Lack of confidence can influence how you feel about your career ambitions.  Fear of change, fear of fear and fear of the future will only hold you back.
You can push yourself outside your comfort zone when you feel confident.  You will be able to achieve your goals.  When you feel certain about your abilities and trust that things will work out, your confidence will grow.
It is important to understand that confidence is something you can learn to build.  You have the power to change.
When you don’t feel confident, it can be a struggle to pick a career, start a course of go for a job.
The truth is that everybody has talents, strengths and skills.  If you can learn to recognize yours, it will help you feel more confident.
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Excellent Ways to Build Confidence

What could go right?
Fear makes us picture everything that could go wrong in a situation.  Instead, imagine and visualize your are happy and relaxed saying all the right things.  This will make you feel more positive.

Confidence is something you can work on. These tips can help you make a start.

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Tap into positive emotions
Remember a time and situation when you were full of confidence.
See a past memory through your own eyes.  Feel the positive emotions and relive it.

Body Language

Concentrate on your breathing.  Take in calming deep breaths while standing tall with your head up.  This will help you to feel more confident.

Learn to train

Keep learning something new.  This will make you feel more confident in your abilities.  Search for a course or volunteering work that sing to your heart.  Boost your skills and you will be boosting your confidence.

Take small steps

If things feel too overwhelming, do things in smaller challenges.  Make a list of the most important actions you need to do.  Everytime you complete an action, you will feel more confident.
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Spotting Your Talents

If you feel like that you aren’t good at anything, this is not true.

Everybody has a talent or a gift.  Remember learning to swim or ride a bike?  You learned how to do both of these.

Write a list of your achievements and successes.  For example, your qualifications or hobbies you are good at.  It may be cooking great meals for your family or you may be good to listening to your friends’ problems.

Write down your strengths where you know you shine.

When you are having a down day and don’t feel confident, take a look at your list to help boost your confidence back up again.


Fake it until you make it

Practice tying to ‘do’ confidence.  Act confident and put on a happy face even if you don’t feel like it.  Smile and say hello to people.  Give people compliments as you go about your daily routine.  Just feel good.
You will start to get a more positive reaction from people who really think you are a confident, happy person.  This will make you start believing that you are and it will make you feel better about yourself as your confidence goes from strength to strength.


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