We all have a bad habit to break (and sometimes more than one) we’d like to kick.  You may bite  your nails, smoke or drink to much alcohol.  There are many offensive habits.  Below are some excellent ways to learn to change those habits.


1.  Become Aware of What You Are Doing.

To change a bad habit, you first need to recognize what you are doing.  We are usually aware of the bad habits that affect people around us such as smoking, talking with a full mouth ect, but more private habits like biting your nails are usually done subconsciously.

Becoming mindful of your own body, mind and spiritual mind can help us strengthen our focus by listening to your entire self.  Being able to get in touch with what you are doing is a great way to begin to break the habit.

2. Make Notes Using the Old School Use of Pen and Paper.

You took notes for a reason in school.  It was so we could remember the material, study it, learn it and memorize it after class.  We make notes to remind ourselves of something we need to do.  When you are trying to break a bad habit, write the habit on paper and the reason why you want to change it and the steps you will need to take to make the change.

This is a powerful tool.  We can change our behaviour by recording them.  Before attempting to change the behaviour, keep a daily log of what time you engage in this behaviour, where it occurs and the feelings and thoughts you are having before you do it.  Become aware of the pattern and  come up with a plan to change it.


Break bad Habits

How to Break Bad Habits


3.  Thinking Small Steps 

When we are thinking of making big changes in our lives, we have a tendency to bite off more than we can chew.  Don’t try doing too much at once or the result will be a failure.  When trying to break a bad habit, it is best to start by making small efforts towards your big goal.

After you write down and make it clear what you want to change, do one thing per day towards the change.   Set small actionable steps towards your goal.

Put an alarm on your phone to remind you each day to remind you to do your one thing.  Make a record of it.  Accumulation of the one simple thing a day may seem overwhelming, but over time, you will see your change in behaviour.

4.  Change Your Routine

To get your mind off the habit, take your mind off the activity and focus on something else.  If you find yourself having a cigarette after each meal, replace that with something else.  For example, reading a book or doing some simple exercise.  Eventually, your new routine will become your new habit which will be a positive one.  Take a drink of water or go on a five minute walk every time you have a craving.


5.  Keep at it for 30 Days

An action repeated for 30 days in a row, becomes a habit.  If you are serious or only half serious about making a change, you need only build time in for one month.

Desire takes over excuses.  Keep a log and try to have a good support system.

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