To boost your confidence, here are some suggestions to implement into your life.  These habits will shift your mindset.  You will start thinking of yourself as a confident person and be able to start taking confident actions in your daily life.



The first thing you need to do to increase confidence is to gain clarity on the version of yourself that is confident.  How will you act?  How will you think?  How will you talk?

You need to implement visualizing yourself as a confident person instead of having the vision of someone else who is confident and trying to copy their behaviour.  You need to develop your own self-confidence.  What does confidence mean to you?  Imagine yourself as someone who radiates confidence to others.

Visualize when you first wake up or right before you fall asleep.  Our brains are in alpha state at these times.


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Get rid of that story that you are just shy or you are not good enough.  You cannot feel confident if you have a feeling of unworthiness.  You need to rewrite your story.

You can journal daily or once a week.  Ask yourself questions why you are not feeling confident.

What emotions do you feel in situations where you want to feel confident?  Become aware of what is stopping you feel confident and change your limiting beliefs.



When you start to work out what is holding you back, you can then begin to write your story.  Say affirmations such as:  “I am confident around people”.  “My confidence is improving everyday”.

Start everyday with an affirmation.  Decide each day that you are a step closer to the version of yourself that you want to be.  Imagine and believe you are content and love you.  Be proud of yourself!

List Small Wins

Give your list a name.  Make it a powerful title.  List all of your accomplishments.  Each time you do something that requires confidence, add it to your list.

The more you feel proud of yourself, the more your confidence will come naturally in your daily life.

Take small steps everyday.


Challenge Yourself

Get out of your comfort zone and mix up your routine by trying something new.  Learn a new language.  Take a fitness class.  Join a group with people with the same hobbies.  Start a course.  Do something that scares you.

The feeling of learning something new and meeting new people will leave you with a more confident attitude to life.


Jodie xxx


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