Being happy at work is often something that people strive for but find

difficult to maintain, especially if you don’t find your job enjoyable, or don’t have a healthy work-life balance.

Research shows having a sense of purpose leads to greater happiness levels and can help improve mental health and social connections in and outside of work.

  Many career experts and scientists have designed ways that can help increase the level of happy employees as well as specific ways to enhance your positive  emotions and gain a higher level of job satisfaction.

Your well being is important in both your work and social life as they feed off of each other.

Researchers have found that feeling negative emotions at work can often lead to slacking off and being less productive; Whilst happier employees end up performing better on all fronts.

These include career advancement, collaboration with co-workers, better engagement and all round day-to-day health.

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your happiness at work, then here are the top 7 recommendations to do so:


1.  Take a different approach to being around your co-workers


Your wellbeing can have a dramatic change when expressing positive emotions around your fellow co-workers.

  Showing mutual respect and expressing gratitude for any help or guidance can have effect on your overall satisfaction.

This is one of the most effective things you can do to immediately increase happiness in the work place.

2.  Bring your personal life into your work space


Having an appropriate work life balance can be tricky for some to manage and knowing how much of your personal life to express at work can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be this hard.

  For example:  starting your day off on a good note could include an early morning exercise class, a daily coffee, or even riding your bike to work.

Starting your day off with exercise has actually been proven to decrease stress and make you more awake and alert.

  Bringing your personal life into your work space can include having a photo frame of people close to you or even as simple as using the same bag for work as you would for social gatherings.

This way there is less of a separation of professional and personal.

3.  Avoid having a competitive attitude


Presenting a competitive attitude in the workplace can cause unnecessary stress and create a negative culture between co-workers.

  Treating your work like it’s a competition does not lead to happiness, nor does it encourage co-operation and a resource sharing environment.

  Science has found that people naturally work much better together when they aren’t pitted against each other.

Reducing rivalry gives a sense of empowerment, enhances wisdom, and makes you feel more connected and proud to be a part of the workplace.

PERK is considered to be the four key ways to happiness at work according to the Greater Good Science Center.  PERK is made up of four different pillars, standing for:

–  Purpose

–  Engagement

–   Resilience

– Kindness

These identified pillars report that strengthening each pillar on personal, social and structural levels at the work place comes from you and your work environment.

Your contribution to PERK includes developing a greater understanding of your key social skills and engaging in individual exercises and activities; whereas the company you work for should be engaging in shifts in leadership styles, changes to company policy and organisation – wide initiatives.


5.  Blend organisation into both your personal and work life


Organisation is considered to be one of the biggest factors in the formation of unnecessary stress in your work environment.

  Whilst being organised isn’t something that everyone maintains, there are simple things you can do to add to a bit more positivity into the area you sit at everyday!

De-cluttering your workspace can be done in less than 10 minutes and getting creative with your designated area can actually refresh your mind and enforces a feeling of concentration.

  Carrying this positive feeling over into your personal life is easy by creating a daily or weekly schedule that you can easily adjust.

Research has found that professionals who consider themselves to be happy are always maintaining and flowing a schedule that is flexible and easy to adjust.

6. Focus on one task at a time

There are always plenty of tasks to be done both at home and at your job; however it is critical in maintaining positive emotions that you reflect on one task at a time.

This is important so you can engage in feedback about the overall result and take the time to appreciate the effort you put into that task.

If a job is getting stressful and overwhelming, take a breather and pause.  There is no harm in leaving your desk for five minutes to get a bit of fresh air, especially if you are in a position with long working hours.

  Not taking a break can take a toll on the brain and can bring you down quite easily which may lead to distress and being unproductive.

7.  Value yourself

One of the most important things in being happy at work is valuing yourself.  If you don’t appreciate your own skills and achievements with your work, it will be very difficult for you to accept any praise from co-workers. 

One of the most important things in being happy at work is valuing yourself.

Mindfulness is especially critical when maintaining happiness levels.

Harvard Medical School and the Bender Institute of Neuroimaging in Germany have proven that those who practise mindfulness or meditate outside of working hours end up feeling much more emotionally stable at work.

Happiness at work benefits not only you, but also your co-workers and team.

  According to science, happiness multiplies success, reduces stress, builds positivity, increases productivity and also means a healthier life.

  It is not a simple task, but being happy at work comes from the simple actions you take to get there.

So whether you’re starting a new job or improving your well being, then take a chance and try one or even all of these tips to getting happier at work.


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