So many people are waiting to feel happy.  They think they will be happy when they’ve done this or achieved that.  But the truth is, enduring happiness is not a result of the things you’ve done, but the person you’ve chosen to be!





The Keys to Happiness


1.  Take Charge

The first and most important step in becoming the best you can is to simply decided to be that person.  Of course, that’s much easier said than done.  Most people find plenty of excuses to avoid being honest with themselves about who they are and what they really want from life.  Make the choice to own up to true potential and step into your brilliance.

2.  Let it Go

Don’t waste energy trying to change or control things that are well beyond your control.  Instead, focus on the things that are within your influence and find a

peaceful acceptance of the rest.


3.  Live for Now

Don’t live in the past, blaming your current reality on experiences from child hood, early adulthood or even last week.  At the same time, don’t be so busy dreaming of your future that you  overlook or waste the opportunities that are presented to you today.  It’s important to accept the past, dream the future, but live in the moment!




4.  Expect the Best

If you expect things to turn out well, they usually do.  Likewise, if you expect to be disappointed or

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let down, or to experience failure, then it’s highly likely that will be your experience.  Being optimistic is not about being naive or ignorant about potentially negative outcomes.  Optimism is about expectations; expect the best from life and you will usually get it.


5.  Back Yourself

One of the most important ingredients in creating any success in life is to believe in it.  You need to learn to believe in your dreams, your ideas and yourself.  Other people will always try to lead you away from your dreams, not because they don’t want you to be happy, but because they are governed by their own fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.  When you truly believe, it’s amazing what becomes possible.


6.  Get Out of the Way

So many people don’t take ownership of possibilities in their lives.  They constantly blame other people, other times and other situations for their circumstances.  The only person who can really hold you back in life is you.  Overcome your limiting beliefs, ideas and attitudes and give yourself permission to truly shine.


7.  Be Grateful

Very few people genuinely don’t have enough money to get by, and yet so many affluent, healthy

people constantly talk about all the things that they don’t have.  A poverty mentality is a serious affliction.  When you focus on how much you already have, your true desires will be easily met and you will discover how little you genuinely need.


8.  Give All You Can

Be generous, not just with the gifts you give, but also with how you give of

yourself.  To be truly generous, you need to give your time, energy and spirit.  Avoid judgement and be generous in your assessment of others.  What you give in life will determine what you receive.


9.  Keep It Up

It won’t always be easy to do, be or have everything you want in life, but if your desires are genuine, over time, these things will begin to come to you with ease.  Don’t give up or choose a more compacent path.  If you are committed to being the best you can be, then you’re already becoming that person.


10.  Be Brave

If you want to be the best youcan be, you need to do the right thing, not the easy thing.   Not right or wrong,black or white, moralistic sense; the principle of courage is about doing the right thing for you and having the courage to do it, even if at the time it feels like the hardest thing in the world!

When you apply these guiding principle to your life, you can feel confident you are being the best you can be and lifelong happiness and contentment will be yours!



Jodie xxx



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