The tips on this blog will transform your life by harnessing the positive energy of your environment.  Use them to arrange your home and work place so as accumulate auspicious energy for happiness, prosperity and good health.  There are warnings of what to avoid and tips on how to deflect and dissolve inauspicious energy lines.


Understanding the Flow Of Chi

Feng Shui is understanding the flow of Chi, the hidden life breath that permeates the environment.  When chi is in disarray misfortunes rule of the day.  Learn to recognize the hidden energies of Chi.


Yin and Yan in the Cosmic Balance

All energies of your personal space are in a constant stat of flux.  Yin and Yang energies dance together continually – striving for the cosmic balance that brings harmony.  Yin is cool and dark and lifeless.  Yang is hot and bright and full of life.  keep these forces in harmony within your home and you will enjoy good luck.




Yang Energy For Success

Create yin and yang balance with comfortable levels of light and shade and for success, add slightly more light to emphasize and enhance your yang energy.


Regular Shapes Are Better

Regular shapes are to be preferred to irregular shapes.  Squares and rectangles have better feng shui than triangles or shapes missing corners.





Ratio Of Windows

The ratio of windows to door in all your rooms should not excess 3:1.  Too many windows cause all your luck to seep away.  It is also better not to have windows on the wall opposite the door.


Windchimes In The Northwest

Windchimes work best when place in the northwest.  A six rod windchime here attracts mentors and influential people into your life.  It also assists the families luck.

Display The Three-Legged Frog For Luck

Look for a three legged frog – you can buy one from any Chinese supermarket and place it in the vicinity of your front door facing inwards as if it has just come into the house.  Don’t place the frog facing a door.


Water Features Work Best In The North

Mini water fountains and small ponds in your garden bring exceptional money luck when located in the north or southeast corners

Curved Pathways Bring Better Luck

Any pathway that leads to your front door should meander, thereby slowing down the chi or cosmic energy that brings good fortune.


Bring In Fresh Air

At least once a week, open two windows in two different rooms to let fresh air sweep away any stale yin air in your rooms.  It is a good idea to do this on a sunny day to bring in vibrant yang energy which attracts good fortune.



Fresh Flowers For More Yang


Fresh flowers bring precocious yang energy into the living rooms and halls of your home, but they become depressingly yin when they wither and die.  Never leave dying flowers in your home.  Replace them with fresh ones Up to 70% off on Mattress & Bed Frames | Bedworksimmediately.


Using Artificial Flowers

You can find fabulous artificial flowers – silk or even plastic – which are infinitely preferable to dried flowers.  If you have dried plants in your home, your chances of success will be seriously undermined.  Never display dried flowers.  Feng Shui does not consider them auspicious.


Balancing The Yang Of Summer And The Yin Of Winter

Yang reigns supreme in the summer months, so introduce a little bit of yin in the form of water to establish cosmic balance and bring good fortune.  In the winter, when yin reigns, the yang of fire brings warmth and light to a dreary day.


Support From Behind

Tap the protective energies of strong and solid features such as hills or large, tall structures by making certain they are at the higher ground behind your home.  When there are trees or on higher ground behind your home, you will enjoy the protection of the celestial turtle.  When the higher ground is in front of your home, you are said to be confronting an immovable obstacle.


Water Should Be On The Left

Any water feature in front of the house should be located on the left of the main door from inside the

house looking out.  This will ensure the stability of married couples living there.  Water on the right hand side causes husbands to have a roving eye.



Undulating Land Is Excellent Feng Shui

Feng shui teaches you to use your environment wisely. If your land and the surrounding area is undulating it is said to house auspicious dragons.  When land is flat and featureless, the dragon is missing and the land is said to be less auspicious.


Gentle Slopes Are Luckier Than Craggy Slopes

Broad contours and undulating inclines are always preferred to excessively steep and craggy slopes.  When the elevations are gentle, chi turns benign and properous; it moves slowly, accumulating and settling and bringing great good fortune.


Meandering Water Brings Money

When water meanders slowly in the direction of your house, you will prosper effortlessly.  Straight, fast-moving rivers carry water away from you without allowing good fortune to collect.


Waterfalls Bring Million-Dollar Opportunities

When there is a view of a natural waterfall that appears to bring water to your home, you will definitely  become rich.  In the Far East countless people have become millionaires after indtroducing an artificial waterfall into their gardens.  But remember not to overdo it.  Balance is vital – too much water can drown you!

Protruding Corners Create ‘Knife Edges’

Soften the sharp, harmful edges of square pillar or protruding corners by placing a plant directly in front of them.  This deflects and dissolves all the killing energy released by the edge.  Change the plant regularly since it cannot survive the killing chi coming from the corner.


Deflect The Killing Energy Of Overhead Beams

Exposed overhead beams cause bad energy to press down on anyone sitting or sleeping below.  Hang a five-rod windchime on the beam to counter this feng shui defect in the home or office.  Do ensure that the rods are hollow rather than solid so that the chi can travel through them and transform into good luck.


Use Mirrors To Enlarge Tight Corners

Large mirrors are excellent for enhancing the stale energy of a tight or cramped space.  This is especially recommended for tiny halls or foyers.  Place the mirror on a wall that does not face the door.  Let the mirror create a feeling of space but do not let it reflect the door directly since this will cause all the good fortune to dissipate.


Trees Are A Valuable Asset

Plants and trees around a home are deemed to be auspicious because the ‘wood’ element signifies growth and development.  They are particularly lucky when allowed to thrive in the east, the southeast and the south.  Trees should be pruned regularly and not allowed to overwhelm the house.


Keep a Pet

Pets are especially good feng shui in homes that are left empty during the day.  If the family are out

working or at school, yin aergy accumulates in the silence and stillness.  Thes can be coutered by the lively presence of a dog, cat or fish.


Try The Turtle Excercise

You can do this gentle, claming excercise sitting or standing with your eyes open or closed.  Relax and drop your chin on to your chest.  Breathe in and at the same time, slowly raise your head until you are looking forward.  Tilt your head further back until you are looking upward simultaneously exhaling.  Repeat this eight times.


Hang A Picture Of A Sunrise In The South

The south is the place of new opportunities, the location of the crimson phoenix.  A picture of a sunrise in this corner of your living room will open up bright new avenues for growth in your life.


Keep A Tank Full Of Fish To Lift Your Career

In feng shui tradition, fish always bring good luck.  Place a tank of lively guppies in the North corner of your living room and watch your career come alive with positive new developments.


Choose Armchairs And Sofas That Support

Your sofas and chairs should have generous back support and comfortable arm rests.  Arrange them to for a square, with a footstool to complete the symbolism of perfect feng shui.  Avoild L – shaped arrangements – they are less auspicious.


Main Doors Should Open Into ‘Bright Halls’

When your main door opens onto a wide open space, like a park playground, and into a large hall or living room, it is know as a bright hall effect.  An open, uncramped area allows beneficial chi to accumulate




Main Door Taboos

Create feng shui harmony by painting your front door according to the element of the direction it faces

Red for south, southwest or northeast

Blue for north, east or southeast

White for west, northwest or north

Green for east, southeast or south


Activate The Wealth Corner Of Your Living Room

The Universal Wealth corner is the southeast.  Energize this corner by placing a leafy green plant or

a bubbling aquarium there.  But do this only in the living room, not in bedrooms, toilets or the dining room.

Enhance Your Social Life With Feng Shui

Hang a bright light and place a cluster of natural quartz crystals in the southwest corner of your home, your living room or bedroom.  The light should be turned on for at least three hours each evening.  This will transform your social life – but be patient, feng shui takes time to work.


Find A Partner

If you are fed up with being single, energize your southwest corner by placing a 5-foot-high floor light there to tap the energy of the earth.  Keep the light turned on every evening until you achieve your goal.  But don’t use this tip unless you want to find a partner.


Activate Romance Luck With Mandarin Ducks

Keep a painting or a pair of ornamental mandarin ducks on a table in the southwest corner of your bedroom to enhance romance and luck.  Ducks synbolize fidelity and happiness.  An alternative would be anything heart shaped.


Feng Shui The Bedroom

Never allow mirrors to reflect the bed.  Reflections in the mirror suggest the presence of a third party.

Do not sleep under an exposed beam.  This causes sleepless nights and a rift between couples.  Camouflage any beams with fake ceilings or hang two bamboo stems tied with red thread.

Positioning Beds For Good Luck

Always place your bed in the corner of the bedrooms diagonally opposite the entrance.  Never sleep with your head or feet pointing directly at the door.


Bedroom Doors

The door into your bedroom should not face a kitchen or toilet door.  Hang a wind chime between the two doors to dissolve the bad energy created.

Bedroom doors should not face a staircase, a mirror or another door.  If they do, keep them closed or hang a light or wind chime.



Always have a bed head.

Push the head of your bed against the wall.

Sleep at least 18ins/45cms above the floor.

Never sleep facing away from the door – you should always be able to see the entrance.

Keep lighting low and soft.

Decorate with dark yin colours rather than light yang colours.


Painting In The Bedroom

Do not hang pictures of fierce animals, abstract subjects or water in the bedroom.  Elsewhere, water is very good feng shui, but in the bedroom it suggests financial loss.


Sleeping Under Windows Or A Ceiling Fan

Avoid having your bed underneath a window since this will disturb the energies around you all through the night.  Use blinds and heavy curtains to cover the window.  Try not to sleep directly under a ceiling fan or a very bright light.  This also causes the energies to become too active during the night.



Sleeping Next To Large Windows

When you sleep next very large windows, or, worse, if the bedroom door is next to the window, the chi entering Christmas Giftsyour room is much too powerful.  Your sleep will be disturbed and your energies over stimulated.  The result will be disharmony and discord.  Cover the window with heavy drapes, or a least have a second lighter layer of curtain to diffuse the flow of chi.


Sleeping Between Two Doors

If your bed is located between the entrance door and the door to the bathroom, the energies that flow across your bed are said to be afflicted.  Rearrange your bed or place a screen between the bed and one of the doors.


Bathrooms And Toilets

You may have heard that toilets are bad news wherever they are placed in the home.  This is true, but do not fret since everyone has this problem!  Keep the lid down on a your toilets at all times and toilet doors permanently shut.  change the hinges to ensure this if necessary.


The Location Of Toilets

If your toilet door directly faces the main door, install a very bright ceiling light between the two doors and keep it turned on to disperse bad chi and yin energy.  A toilet in the southwest or centre of the house will affect family relationships.  Install a bright light outside the toilet and keep the door closed at all times.  Paint the door red (very yang) to counter the yin energy of the toilet.


Flowers Or Plants Left In The Toilet

Toilets should be kept clean and neat but do not decorate them with plants, flowers, paintings or decorative objects.  The reverse of what you hope for will happen.  Filling the room with good luck symbols causes it to become a symbol of misfortune because its yin energy is so malignant and inauspicious.


Dining Rooms And Family Rooms

Dining rooms and family rooms should be the focus of a household.  Fill them with yang energy.

Paint the walls a bright happy colour.

Keep your stereo system or TV  here to create noise and activity.

Hang a wall mirror to reflect the food on the table or the happiness of the people.


Jodie xxx








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  1. Thank you for such interesting information. They say there is a lot to Feng Shui but if your home is one with certain features, like the door to window ratio, it is hard to change that. I do love the frog idea and will look into finding one for sure.

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