Exploring Feng Shui Wall Art

When you first begin to explore pieces of wall art for your Feng Shui decor, you’ll probably turn to websites that carry the most common selections of Feng Shui cures and remedies.  These aren’t your only choices.

Feng shui wall art images

Feng Shui Wall Art

Feng Shui Wall Art that Speaks to You

As with any art, you will need to select wall art that appeals to you and touches you on an emotional level.  If you buy art without even liking it, you are in effect setting up negative energy.

Intent and desire are just as important as the goal of Feng Shui in order to create the ultimate harmonious room design.

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Types of Wall Art

There are many types of wall art from which you can choose from.  To narrow your choices, consider the element you need to add to your room.  For example, if your study is in the north sector, but the water element is weak, then you can add either a painting or photo of a water scene or opt for wall art that is made out of metal since metal attracts water.

Animal Carving

One popular choice of wall art for feng shui purposes is an animal carving.  These can be made out of metal, wood, resin or other mediums.  You can use symbols such as:

Chinese Dragon, Frog, Elephant, horse and ox.

Wealth Ships

One of the most commonly used symbols of wealth, especially by savvy business people, is the wealth-ship, which is inspired by ancient merchant ships.

This type of art should be mounted on your wall so it is sailing into your home, never away.  Most wall art like this is a high-relief style and has places where you can add coins, gemstones and other symbols of wealth.  This loads your cargo onto your ship.  Wealth Ships are gold in colour to symbolize this metal of great wealth.

Koi Fish

The carp better known as the Koi fish, is another symbol of wealth and good fortune.

Wall Fans

The use of a fan splayed out in all its colourful design is another selection for a feng shui home.  These can be collector items that can be show cased.

Wall fans can serve multiple purposes such a feng shui element, colourful interior design accessory and a feng shui symbolic cure.

Adapted Feng Shui Symbol

There are other types of wall art that utilize feng shui symbols in combination with using the bagua design for a unique clock.  You may find a use for a thermometer mounted in the belly of a dragon.

If decorating your kitchen, don’t forget the rooster motif is an auspicious feng shui symbol and is also a popular western kitchen motif.

Rattan Scroll Paintings

The rattan scroll painting was a popular home decor choice in the mid 1970’s.  This style of wall art has seen renewed interest.


The cheapest and easiest to find type of wall art for Feng Shui is a poster.  You can even make your own using favourite photos or make an abstract poster to fit your style of room.

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Feng Shui Wall Art and Decor

Yin Yang Symbol

There are many choices of wall art when it comes to the yin yang symbol.  Us may decide to use a sculptured piece in bronze, copper or some other metal.

Deciding on Wall Art

Deciding on which pieces of feng shui wall art you want to use in your home may not be easy because there are so many choices available.  Choose pieces that make  you feel connected to the art.  You can always change your art to another room for different seasons or move to other rooms when you need a specific element introduced.

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Balance is Everything

Just as feng shui principles teach that harmony and balance are the essence of feng shui applications in your home.  Don’t make your home look like the shop you purchased your feng shui art and trinkets from.  Instead, create the comfortable retreat that a properly designed feng shui home should be.


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Feng Shui Wall Art/Decorations

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