When working from a home office, it presents two challenges.  Effectively separating business and home life and the lack of social interaction that you would normally have working in an office with others.  Working from home can also bring numerous benefits to your lifestyle.  Feng  can help you make the most of it.  You can learn how to apply the philosophy of feng shui to make your space an inspiring environment for work.


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Feng Shui Office


An important feng shui guideline for the office is to have your home office as far away from your bedroom as possible.  If the layout of your house allows it, having a separate entrance to your home office is ideal.  If not, create as much division as possible between your office area and your bedroom.  This is the basis of good home office energy.

Plan your home office for your success, well being and productivity in mind.  Use specific images, inspirational colours, meaningful career memorabilia, and appropriate decor items that make you feel successful, appreciated, and happy.  Since you are working from home, fully express your creativity in decorating your office. Depending on your chosen field, you need to make sure your home office reflects the energy you want to project to the world.

The quality of air and the quality of light (nartural and artificial) in your home office are two of the good must haves.  If your brain is needing oxygen and your body doesn’t get enough natural light, your will not enjoy being in your home office no matter how much you love your job.

Consider investing in full spectrum lights and bring at least a couple of air purifying plants into your home office.  The energy of plants will refresh not only the energy of your space, but also your own energy.


Be Mindful of Position

Position your desk in a commanding position to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area.  A feng shui commanding position means you do not have your back to a door.  Your desk should be positioned further from the door and not in line with it.  Do not face a wall while working at your desk.  If you have to face a wall, use feng shui to make the wall ‘disappear’ with smart use of art.



Important Areas

There are three important areas in your home office (feng shui wise) that need to be treated properly for the best energy.

  • South area: This is your fame and reputation area, or, for a more exact translation, your “Light in the World.” Its energy is fire, so be mindful about nor having the color blue, big mirrors, fountains or images of water in this area, as water element puts down the fire energy.


  • North area: This is your career or path in life area. The feng shui element here is water, so this is the area for items representing water, as well as metal (metal creates Water in the 5 elements cycle). Without making it sound too complicated, you can place inspiring images related to your career in black or white frame colors in the North area of your home office.


    • Southeast area: This is your prosperity and abundance areaHere, you should place images or items that speak to you of money and abundance. The element here is wood, so you need to avoid fire images, as well as too much metal.


Declutter and Organize

Have as many clutter clearing sessions as needed until there are no cluttered spots in your office.  Clutter drains your energy and dampens your best intentions.  You need to create a clear system and not let clutter ruin your health and your business.

After clearing clutter, you will be surprised how much better, more enthusiastic and energetic you feel the next day.

There are a few feng shui priorities to guarantee a high level of energy in your home office.  Once you have dealt with the energy in your home office, make sure your bedroom energy is taken care of also.
 Everything is connected on a subtle energy level and you do not want to leave anything out in your quest for a successful home-based business!
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