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Improve your health with simple feng shui tips


Feng shui has numerous tips to help improve your health and well-being. After all, the saying “health is wealth” most probably came from ancient feng shui masters!Tony Little's Cheeks™ Health Sandals with Rhinesto

The importance of vibrant health cannot be overestimated because without good health few things really matter. In feng shui,  there is a direct relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home and office.

How healthy is your environment, from a feng shui viewpoint?

How healthy is your bedroom?

What is the quality of air in your home  or place of business?

Numerous home and businesses suffer from low and stagnant feng shui energy. Studies show that most homes and businesses are below the basic energy level necessary to maintain the good health of people who live or work there.

Let’s look into some basic and simple feng shui tips to improve your health and bring the feeling of happiness and joyful well-being.


FENG SHUI HEALTH TIP #1: Be Aware What You Breathe In





The issue of outdoor air pollution is well known, while few people are  aware that the indoor air pollution is actually much worse than the outdoor one.

Unless you live and/or work in a truly green, environmentally friendly building, you have to constantly work on the quality of air in your space.

This basically means that no amount of feng shui health cures will help, because air quality is number #1 feng shui priority for your health.

The easiest way to take care of the air quality of your home  or office – while also greatly improving its feng shui energy – is with top air purifying plants.

You can find these good feng shui plants in any flower shop. Ask for Dracaena Jenny Craig, Boston Fern or Peace Lilly (the most popular ones that most shops carry).

Go for as many as your space (and you!) can handle, at least one or two being big tall plants such as Areca palm, for example.eBooks Cheap Books for Download



FENG SHUI HEALTH TIP #2: Use Light and Colour


The quality of natural light, along with color (its main expression) are both vital nutrients for your health and well-being.

It is not just the amount of natural light you enjoy during the day, but also the presence of vibrant, beautiful colors  to nourish your energy.

If you have to spend a lot of time indoors, be sure to invest into full spectrum lights that will nourish your energy.

Choose to decorate your home or office with vibrant art – make it happy and joyful with fresh, alive colors.

Be it a wall colour, art or fresh flowers, know that your energy gets much strengthened by the presence of color and light.



FENG SHUI HEALTH TIP #3: Feng Shui Your Health Area


In feng shui, each home or office has specific areas (as defined by the bagua , or the feng shui energy map) that are

responsible for different areas of one’s life.

Your health, of course, depends on the overall energy of the whole space, but there are two areas that are connected on a deeper energy level to the state of your well-being.

The first one is the center of your home  or office, and the second one is the so-called Health & Family bagua area.

There are numerous feng shui cures – both traditional and modern – that you can apply to improve your health.

From the simple use of  Wood and elements colors to a Laughing Buddha sculpture or the use of the famous feng shui lucky bamboo plant, choose what works best in your space.

FENG SHUI HEALTH TIP #4: Create Spa Energy in Your Bathroom


Your sense of well-being is intricately connected, feng shui-wise, to the quality of energy in your bathroom.

You have probably heard many times that bathrooms present big feng shui,  challenge. Well, this makes it even more important to diligently and consistently apply good feng shui to it!


You can easily create a spa feel in your bathroom, but you have to start with a very clean and clutter free  foundation.

Once you have achieved that, bring art that pleases your senses, candles, an aromatherapy diffuser, or any other items that can help create a spa feeling in your bathroom.

Perfume Makes The Perfect Gift, 100% Authentic Perfumes At!

Start enjoying really good feng shui in your bathroom; this is good not only for your health, but also for the overall feng shui energy of your house.




FENG SHUI HEALTH TIP #5: Apply Feng Shui in Your Bedroom     


As we spend so much time in our bedrooms (1/3 of our lives?) you definitely need to focus on creating good energy in your bedroom .

This is very important for your well-being, as well as for the quality of your intimate relationship. From years of consulting experience, I know that most bedrooms have sad energy (yes, even
when they look pretty!)

Good Feng Shui in the bedroom is both a complex, as well as a very simple application. It is also a matter of consistent effort that has to become kind of a second nature for you.

Steps like always letting natural light in during the day, good air flow, not storing anything under the bed, keeping the closets clean and organized, etc might seem like a lot of work, but trust me they can become truly enjoyable!

Once you know (and feel) what a huge difference these steps make  for your well being, you will love going through these daily steps of refreshing the energy in your bedroom.

I have numerous tips on creating good feng shui in your bedroom, from how to create good feng shui in this mostUp to 70% off on Mattress & Bed Frames | Bedworks important room in your house to how to position your bed  for good feng shui. Be
sure to read and understand these tips, and know that applying them will truly do wonders for your sense of well-being.

With just a bit of effort, as well as patience and consistency, you can use Feng Shui  to transform your home into a beautiful, pleasurable space that fully supports your health and well-being.

Start with little steps today, and do not stop creating good energy!


Jodie xxx






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  1. Feng Shui in the office can really help me. I have always felt that when the office decoration is dull and boring it feels really sad to work there, however, once I included a few colors on my table and added some items that bring life to the work space, I was more productive and happy about working there.

    • As I write my blogs, I have my fish in their tank with the sound of water trickling, my crystals, elephants, incense, all the books I love and my favorite positive affirmations beside me.
      I can get lost in my own little world here! Feng Shui really works like magic.


  2. This looks like a great introduction to feng shui, which seems to capturing more and more people’s imaginations.
    The site is attractive and entertaining, so could become the go-to place for your followers.

  3. This is a great article about feng shui! I love the concept. I work at home and have a very high-stress job. I love having the doors and windows open, hearing my wind chimes and bells, as well as watching the sunlight creep across the floor. Add some smooth jazz music to the mix and I can make it through the day!

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