QUESTION: I’m in a funk. I feel moody, unsure of my financial future, and quite frankly guilty about celebrating anything with all the weird stuff going on in the world…..Is there Feng Shui Store - Feng Shui Shopsomething I can do to my home to help me climb out of this funk?




Now here’s a question that I can sink my teeth into! Let’s do something concrete to counterbalance an uncomfortable feeling that you can’t quite grasp.


Feelings of sadness, guilt and depression are usually spawned from thwarted expectations. You expected things to go one way, and they went another… wanted this to happen; and that happened. When you look at this way of being, it becomes obvious that you are not centred in the now, but are trapped in past or future thinking.


From a feng shui perspective, the past and future are dealt with in the Family and Creativity and Children guass (unit of measurement of magnetic flux density (or “magnetic induction”) .


1. Check for imbalances in the wood and metal elements in your home – especially in the family and creativity guass. As you scan the room, see if you can find all 5 elements:


  • Wood: Green, Brown.

  • Fire: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink.

  • EarthLight Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown.

  • Metal: White, Gray.

  • Water: Blue, Black.


 and see if they all balanced. Think about the materials the furniture and accessories are made of as well as the colours and shapes of things. Mentally (or physically!) label them and make a tally of what the room needs. Scan each room for added power. Then go about shifting items to bring about balance of all five elements – especially in these two guass. If there is more of one element in these guas, make sure that is it more wood in Family and more metal in Creativity.


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2. Check for sad, still, and lonely art and symbols in your home. Sometimes it is best to have a friend come in and look at your stuff with their critical eye because it is so hard to objectively look at your old stuff in a new way. Remove any items that “feel” or appear not to lift up the space but rather bring it down….a weeping willow on a foggy lake, a portrait of a smile-less person….whatever seems like a downer to you or your friend. Either remove them for good (my preference) or give them away temporarily until you have a better handle on your emotions if you can’t part with them at this time. Be on the look out for stillness in main rooms in the home and possibly add a moving object or a living object to counterbalance this situation. It is amazing what a fresh lively plant or a little table fountain can do in this situation.Cultural Infused Living from


3. Check lighting levels…..especially at this time of year when sunlight is getting shorter (if you are in the northern hemisphere.) It may help at this time to seek additional lighting, wattage, or change lighting levels to full spectrum lighting. Remember, light is a traditional cure that can shift ch’i anywhere – no knowledge of guass needed!



4. Create a “centering” space – hopefully somewhere in the heart or near the center of the home. Place objects and furnishings there that totally nurture you and make you feel cared for. Make it feel sacred to you so you feel special when there. If there is no space, create a “treasure map” by cutting out pictures and words from magazines, etc. and paste them on a board in a very mindful manner. Then hang this in a place that is rather private (just inside your walk-in closet, or where you get dressed in the morning) for you to enjoy and remind yourself of that which brings you joy.

Buddha Home Accessories

And if you are not seeing results with the above changes:


5. Have a professional dowser or feng shui consultant check for unhealthy “geopathic stress” – the earth energy that is not conducive to a heathy and balanced living space.


6. Don’t forget the medical mundane cure. If you have done as much with your home as you can and still do not feel you have appropriate results, seek professional medical and mental health expertise.  Medical attention may be part of the key for you to find balance within.

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  1. Great information, thanks for the article. Do you any advice for the direction the head of your bed should point to? For example i live north of the equator in the western hemisphere…

    • 1. The headboard shall not face the bedroom door directly.
      You need a secure, stabile and quiet environment to sleep. The door is a necessary gateway for getting in and out of the room, so the headboard shall not face the bedroom door directly; otherwise you sleeping in the bed may easily feel insecure and suffer from neuralgia and headache. If the headboard faces the door, you can use a screen to block the door and maintain the privacy of the bedroom.

      2. The headboard shall not be west-facing.
      The headboard direction means where the headboard is placed. According to scientific analysis, the earth revolves on its axis from east to west; if your head faces the west, the blood will always rush to the head and you cannot sleep peacefully, so the bed shall be placed in north-south direction and you can sleep with south-facing head and north-facing feet to avoid geomagnetic interference.
      3. The headboard direction shall be chosen according to your birth season.
      If you were born in spring or summer (March 6 to August 8 in Gregorian calendar), you need to cool off your hot life with the water or metal direction, so the headboard should face west, north, northwest or northeast. If you were born in autumn or winter (August 9 to March 5 of the next year), you need to warm up your cold life with the wood or fire direction, so the headboard should face east, south, southwest or southeast.

      3. The headboard shall lean against the wall.
      If the bed does not lean against the wall, the headboard is required to avoid the sense of suspension and the headboard shall not have the kitchen or bathroom behind; otherwise, you sleeping in the bed will be absent-minded and extremely suspicious, thus affecting your health and work.

      4. The headboard shall not have a beam above.
      The ceiling shall be flat without a beam which may lead to the feeling of heavy body. In particular, you sleeping under the beam will feel great pressure and mental stress, which will affect your health and work. Such circumstances also include: the bedroom door shall not have a beam above; the indoor air-conditioner shall not be placed above the pillow; the bed shall not have a droplight right above.

      5. The headboard shall not face a mirror.
      The bed shall not face the mirror, the floor-to-ceiling floor and window because you may be easily scared by yourself in the mirror or the floor-to-ceiling window at night and feel restless, leading to dizziness, hypochondria, nightmare and neuralgia. If there is a mirror facing your bed in the bedroom, you can cover it or turn it to the wall during the night. It is suggested to inlay the mirror in the bedroom closet.

      6. The headboard shall not lean against the window.
      If the headboard adjoins the window, it will lead to restriction and you sleeping in the bed will easily feel insecure because you cannot see the window in front, thus leading to mental stress and affecting your health.
      → Feng Shui Tips and Solutions for a Bed under the Window

      7. Don’t face the the bathroom door or lean against its wall.
      The headboard shall not face the bathroom door or lean against the bathroom wall, which may easily lead to lumbago, backache, rheumatism and headache.


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