Single – Tasking


Focus on one thing at a time instead of multi-tasking.  Not only is single-tasking the opposite of multi-tasking (obviously), it’s also a chance to practice complete mindfulness on the task at hand.  It is the antidote to life, where we are taught that to be effective, productive and worthwhile, we must multi-task.

It’s not about doing less.  The ritual of single-tasking involves:

  • Choosing one task you regularly do during your day.

  • Focusing solely on that task

  • Immersing yourself wholly and completely in experiencing it.

It helps you find the simple beauty and everyday joy in mindfully completing one task.




The Power of the Off Switch

Disconnection from the online world allows us to reconnect fully with the world around us – our kids, our partner, our family, our friends, our work, our environment, our imagination.

The Ritual of Unplugging

This Ritual involves taking time every day to unplug from the constantly connected world.  It means unplugging from your laptop, email, smartphone, tv.




Emptying your mind


Brain Dumping

Brain dumping is a mind-mapping or journaling exercise where you simply dump the contents of your brain onto paper.  By doing this, you release your pent-up frustrations, problems, worries and to-do’s.  Getting it out on paper means it no longer occupies space in the mind, leaving you to think more clearly.


It’s probably best to do this ritual either first thing in the morning, or last thing in the evening.







Find Time

Find a small window of time during your day – 5 minutes is enough.

Write it down

On a scrap of paper, make a list of five things you are grateful for today.

Flip it

If you find it difficult to articulate those good things, try flipping your frustrations, anger or resentments.  Ask yourself:  what about this situation is positive

  • Can’t get a moment to yourself?  Your kids love you and want to be with you – how beautiful.

  • Constantly interrupted at work?  People need you or respect your insights – take pride in that.

  • Tired of cooking every night?  You’re providing for your family – there are so many things in that one idea to be grateful for.






Rhythm is the beat, tempo, sequence and the order of your day.

Routine is rigid and inflexible and makes you feel that a set sequence of events needs to happen precisely or the exercise is a failure.

Rhythm is a much friendlier notion.  It speaks of order and understanding and flexibility and movement and fluidity.


Morning Rhythm


Having a rhythm to your mornings means you know what you need to do and how it needs to unfold.  It takes the head work out of your morning, so even if you’re not an energetic person first thing, you will still be productive.  A positive morning rhythm: Works for you


    1. Gives you enough time to get things done

    2. Takes into account other people’s needs.

  1. Has some wiggle room.

  2. Works for you.

And once established, you will feel:

  • calmer

  • more clear-headed

  • more prepared

  • less likely to lose your temper or chastise yourself

  • more inclined to eat breakfast

  • more likely to take a brief moment to practice mindfulness.



  1. Self -Reflection

  2. Identify your needs and wants

  3. Decide what to include

  4. Estimate the time needed

  5. Formalize it



Evening Rhythm


Having already established why rhythm makes more sense than routine, we can dive straight into why you should take the time to establish and event rhythm.

The benefits of an evening rhythm are:


  • You have more flexibility to your evening, meaning you can make allowances easily for days that don’t fit the normal flow of events.

  • You have the benefit of knowing what needs to be done, and everyone else in the home benefits from the familiarity too.

  • You can settle gently into the evening – it reduces stress significantly when everyone understands what the evening brings.

  • You can prepare yourself for rest.

  • You can sleep calmly, know you’re prepared for the next day – your home is tidy, you know what needs to happen in the morning: you are ready

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So much of simple living is in the art of noticing.  Stopping long enough to attend to the beauties – both large and tiny – that surround us.

To pay attention is to give of yourself.  There is a cost involved in paying attention.  But there is also a cost involved in not paying attention, and that cost is far steeper.  Pay attention to:

 –  What you do and how it feels.

  •  What you consume

  •   The things you need to do.

  •  How you feel as you do them.

  • The spaces in between

  •  Your thoughts and feelings

  •  Beauty

  •  Your time and Energy.

  •  Where you spend it.

Pay attention to what the world is trying to tell you




Jodie xxx



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this page 🙂 Unplugging! Yes! What the World needs, that and be Grateful 🙂 I wake up each morning and realize when I open my eyes, things may not be how I would like them to in some areas, but I’m alive, I have a home, I have clothes, I have food, I have clean, running water that I can bathe in and drink and cook with, I have air conditioning and heat, I have my baby girl Princess (fur baby) cuddled up next to me, even though my beautiful daughter Zoe, the love of my life, doesn’t stay with me right now, she knows I love her, she loves me, she’s an amazing young lady, I know she is safe and there is always hope. Right there I have over ten things to be grateful for before I get out of bed. I can focus on the negative or the positive, it’s up to me 🙂 Namaste

  2. Great post! You brought up lots of ideas to just disconnect from the world and connect to yourself. You have to take care of yourself in order to get through life. Thank you!

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