Do  you have an unhealthy home? We often think about the health of our bodies. Sometimes these thoughts extend to the health of our living spaces, but these worries are almost always about the physical aspects of our surroundings.

Concerns like non-toxic building materials, a lower load of plastics, HEPA filters, no moldy drywall from China, sustainable furnishings – these are all the typical concerns that the general population contemplates in regards to a healthy home. But what most people DON’T think about is the psychological and energetic health of their home. These two invisible forces can tremendously affect your well-being. Here is a checklist of what to look for:

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1. Do you have trouble sleeping yet have any of the following in your bedroom: exercise equipment, fast moving imagery (ie., artwork of crashing waves instead of a placid ocean scene), bold red colours, stacks of unread books and ongoing To-Do lists by your bedside?  All of these things are not conducive to a peaceful nights sleep.

Remove them all and make sure artwork and paint colours are peaceful and calming.  Any kind of unfinished business – whether its a work-out you didn’t do, books you haven’t read or a list of unfinished tasks – will loom over your subconscious and prevent a relaxed state of mind.

2.  Are you in the midst of a painful divorce, yet have belongings from your Ex left throughout the house?  The energetic ramifications of having physical reminders in your intimate space that represent a painful or sad time are not life boosters.  Remove them!

3.  Do you have a bunch of furniture in need of repair or other broken items around your house that you can’t seem to let go of? The feeling of wanting to “make it better” and fix items in your space that are now just dust collectors and reminders of what you have not completed are energetic drains on your psyche. Either sell, donate or give them to someone who can use them, ASAP.

4.  Do you surround yourself with things you don’t even like but feel obligated to keep? Holding onto stuff that does not uplift you (think Marie-Kondo-style-of-does-it-bring-me-joy?) is a major drain on your spirit.

Unless you absolutely love it and/or use it regularly, let it go! You will feel lighter and happier and not like another cog in the wheel of consumerism. Living with less stuff = living happier

5.  Are you stuck in the past and have a hard time moving on? If this is your situation, chances are you have not updated your decor in years. Start with a relatively small switch – like moving your bed or desk. This (literal) new position will help kick start a fresh perspective in other ares of your life and it will be easier to start switching things up elsewhere. Start small with items like some new pillows, a throw, a welcome mat and then move on to bigger items.


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6.  Do you feel like life is a struggle? Look around your home to see where else you are struggling. Do you have a front door that sticks and is hard to open? When you enter your home, do you immediately walk into a wall? These scenarios add to a feeling of helplessness. Its like having a picture of a mountain in front of you at work. Put that mountain behind you so that you subconsciously don’t feel like life is an uphill battle!

Once you start seeing your home as your teacher – as a mirror for your challenges – you will never look at your issues and your home in the same way again! Think about your specific challenges in life.

How might they be symbolically manifested in your space? We often subconsciously create scenarios that mimic our greatest fears or deepest emotional issues. Once you have your Holistic Feng Shui eyes on, you can easily address the mind, body, spirit and space aspects to create a healthier you and a healthier space!


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Do You Have an Unhealthy Home. Get More Peace in Your Life

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5 Ways Feng Shui at home can create positive communities



Healthy communities are a positive factor in our lives. The energy in our interior surroundings can be a clue as to what can improve our exterior lives. Here’s a quick Feng Shui checklist for your home or office to provide the support you need.

1. Are your Wealth and Helpful People areas in balance?

If you’re struggling financially, check the far left rear corner (wealth) and the front right corner (helpful people), for missing sections or detrimental influences that need remedies. If Feng Shui Store - Feng Shui Shopyour home is not ‘squared off’, in the world of Feng Shui, this creates “missing corners.” Remedies include planting flowers outside where the home would have squared off. Or, try placing a pretty screen or hanging light in this indoor corner in your interior space.

We need a supportive community in order to create a positive flow of wealth in our lives.

2. Make sure the Relationship and Knowledge areas of your space’s Bagua (opposites: far rear right corner and front left corner of your space) are in balance.  

Relationships and knowledge are important factors in creating any positive community. Try placing photos of yourself with your community in your Relationship corner, and/or symbols of your knowledge, such as your graduation certificates, in the Knowledge area.

Set positive intentions, while avoiding people that are not at -or above- your energetic level. Associate with like minded or uplifting people to provide support and success in your relationships.

3. Look at the Career (front center) and Fame (rear center) areas of the Bagua, to develop success and recognition in your life. Again, as opposites, these need to be inbalance.

If you want to create a positive reputation, add a bit of the Fire element to the Fame area of your home. This could be candles, photos of mountains, or a grill outside this area. To support your career, the Water element helps get things flowing.  A water fountain, inside or outside this area, is quite supportive to your career. Also, volunteer to be of service in your community. The act of giving manifests in return in abundant ways.


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4. Just as you need balance for a positive flow of Chi in your home or office, you also need balance of Chi to create a healthy community.

It takes all sorts of people, with different type of Chi, or life force, to create a positive and productive community. Take a look at the Family and Friends area (left center) and Children/Creativity (right center) areas of your home.

The opposite area of Children is an area to embrace whether you have children, or not. It is an area that I suggest you look at to see if anything is there that might sadden your own inner child. If so, remove and replace with something fun!  Choose friends from all walks and ages of life. Variety is indeed, the spice of life.

5. The Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) are important in understanding how you fit in with others, and vice versa.

In Feng Shui, I look to a person’s birth information to determine their strong and weak areas in life. Known as The Four Pillars of Destiny, this is helpful in understanding why you do, or don’t, get along so very well with others. If you’re a Gentle Water person that enjoys solitude, it might be overwhelming to share much time with a Strong Fire person that loves drama.

However, in a greater community, each of these people will have much to contribute and we can celebrate their strengths by assigning them positions in which they thrive.

Take inventory of your own home or office, and see how balanced your environment appears to be. Make some adjustments, and then wait for those positive communities to show up, eager for your own contribution.



Jodie xxx




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