Choose the area to improve and see what decorating fixes enhance the chi of your space.



Wealth and Abundance


Having money problems or wanting to increase abundance in all areas of your life? Use any of these items or colors in the far left corner of your room or home to boost your prosperity:


– Any colour in the blue, red or purple colour spectrum


– Expensive or valuable possessions, such as art, crystals, coins and sulptures


– Water features, such as waterfalls, fountains and fish tanks


– Fresh flowers or plants that bloom blue, red or purple flowers


– Healthy plants, especially ones with round, coin-shaped leaves, such as jade plants


– Photos and artwork representing desired possessions, such as cars, homes or jewelry


– Affirmations or quotes pertaining to wealth and abundance


– Wind chimes, mobiles, flags and whirligigs


– Arrangements in groupings of four



Fame and Reputation


Boost your reputation or opportunities for fame by integrating some of these items Christmas Giftsand tones into this area of your room or house:


– Colours in the red and pink spectrum


– Candles, fireplaces, lamps and natural lighting


– All things associated with animals: fur, leather, silks, wools, animal prints, bird feeders


– Items that are conical, pyramid or triangular in shape, as well as starts, points and diamond shapes


– Electrical equipment


– Photos or objects of people you admire or emulate


– Sound, music or singing


– Artwork incorporating any of the above


– Arrangements in groupings of nine



 Love and Marriage


To energize or transform your current love life, as well as attract new relationships, incorporate these elements and hues in the far right corner of your room or house:

– Warm flesh tones: pinks, reds, taupe, apricot, burgundy, chocolate and peach


– Pairs of objects or coupled items


– Mementos and photos from special romantic occasions: anniversaries, honeymoons and romantic vacations


– Photos of your romantic interest, spouse or partner


– Artwork, sculptures and photos depicting romantic imagery

– Arrangements in groupings of two






Family and Friends


To strengthen or heal your relationships with family and friends, try incorporating any of these family-poptop varidesk alternativefriendly elements and hues in the middle left area of your room or home:


– Any colour in the blue or green spectrum


– Family heirlooms or photographs of family and dear friends


– Healthy plants and fresh flowers


– Floral or striped prints, such as in wallpaper, upholstery, pillows or linens, especially in cotton, linen or hemp


– Anything made from wood, such as wooden furniture, flooring, wicker, basketry or bamboo


– Fruits and vegetables


– Poems, saying or mementos reminding you of your family or family roots


– Arrangements in groupings of three




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If you’re suffering from health problems or looking to establish more balance and grounding throughout your life, use these items and colors in the middle area of your

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room or home to improve your physical well-being:

– Colours in the yellow spectrum and all earth tones, browns and golds



– Ceramics, pottery, clay, brick, sand, stucco, tile and earthenware


– Items that are square, cubes or rectangular


– Long flat surfaces


– Artwork depicting landscapes, flat fields or meadows


– Artwork depicting bodies in your desired state of health and vitality


– Arrangements in groupings of five


Children and Creativity


If you’re trying to have children or want to birth some creativity, try adding these items and colors to the middle right area of your room or home:


– Whites, pale colours, pastels or grays


– Objects made of metal: copper, steel, iron, brass, silver, gold


– Anything made of stone:  granite, marble, cement, concrete, slate


– Ovals, round shapes, circles and arches


– Natural crystals (not smoothed, rounded crystals, which instead represents water.


– Creative objects, such as art supplies, paints and markers


– Children’s drawings, artwork or imagery related to children in general


– Arrangement in groupings of seven




When struggling with self-understanding and personal growth, include these knowledge-enhancing colors and items in the near left side of your room or home:


– Colours in the blue, back and green spectrum


– Study materials, such as books or your home library




– Artwork or photographs of wise people sitting in contemplation or meditation

– Images of mountains or other still, quiet places


– Quotes, affirmations or other personal, inspirational items that remind you of your own self-wisdom


– Your favorite reading or meditation chair


– Arrangements in groupings of eight



If you’re trying to jump start your career or accomplish a specific goal, incorporate these elements and hues within this area of your room or home:


– Deep, dark colours such as black, midnight blue, chocolates and burgandies

– Mirrors, reflective surfaces or other objects made of glass


– Water features, such as aquariums, waterfalls and vases of water


– Wavy, cascading lines or asymmetrical and free form shapes


– Artwork incorporating any of the above


– Diplomas, awards and special certifications


– Photos of people whose careers you admire


– Any single arrangement can be beneficial, since the number one is associated with this area


Travel and Helpful People

Need more support or spiritual guidance in your life or want to travel more? Use these elements and tones in the near right area of your room or home:

– Photos, sculptures or artwork of angels, saints and spiritual guides


– Items with strong spiritual connections


– Anything in the white, grey or black colour spectrum


– Pictures of helpful people in your life, such as mentors or teachers


– Items or imagery representing places you’ve traveled, wish to travel or are special to you


– Arrangements in groupings of six

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  1. Hello
    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    I have read a little about Feng Shui over the years and am fascinated by it.
    I know this may seem a strange question and I apologise if it seems naive but when you say about putting things in the ‘left of the room’ – where is the left? Is it left from the doorway? What if you have two doors? This has been puzzling me.
    Thanks for the information.

    • It certainly isn’t naive Jackie. It means ‘ The far left corner of the room when you first enter is the area of Knowledge.’ Two door would still mean the same.


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