Declutter Your Home and Declutter your mind because living in stressful surroundings and environments make day to day living more difficult and this is a direct link to mental health.

For some people, the sheer scale of stuff in our home makes us feel daunted at the thought of tackling it.  The thought of even starting to de-clutter can make us feel tired and anxious.

A physically cluttered home is linked to a cluttered mind.  By reducing our clutter, we immediately start to benefit.  Our mental health improves.

Decluttering means taking back control of our lives.  Clutter can be physical such as an old broken chair or it can be an overflowing inbox of emails that haven’t been opened.  It can be emotional such as worry and anxiety.


Taking Control

When we take the time to declutter these areas of our lives, we take back the control and have clearer mind.  Your sleep will improve when your bedroom is no longer a dumping ground.  It will become a place of sanctuary.

We must learn to recognize that buying ‘More Stuff’ doesn’t make us happier.  This may be hard to accept when all around you, you see people buying ‘stuff’, having the latest technology, media adds convincing us of the contrary.


Declutter home, Declutter mind -

De-clutter your Home. De-clutter your mind.


We buy things because we think it will make us more attractive and successful.  Before the guilt kids in, it uplifts our spirits.

We may feel as though we have failed when we get rid of what we have purchased.

When you declutter with a minimalist outlook, you feel less stressed and anxious, you have more inner peace, self-confidence, stronger decision-making skills, improved health habits and better sleep patterns.


How Decluttering Helps:


A stronger Mind

We can’t always have our home clean and tidy, but having order is calming for your mind.  When you enter an uncluttered environment, our mind sharpens, our ability to concentrate and focus increases and our mental clutter decreases.


Less Stress

Our lives become easier in the morning without the chaos of trying to prepare for the day trying to find ‘things’.  When things are in order, we are less stressed and your day will start off much smoother.  We all know that feeling of having a ‘bad’ day.  This is often because of a bad start to your morning.  It is using unnecessary energy.

Stress leads to bad sleep, poor eating habits and general poor health.  By creating a clutter free environment, you are allowing your daily living to be more efficient, reducing your stress levels.

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Let Go

When we ‘buy things’, it initially makes you feel good, but our belongings can also make you feel bad.  We don’t need to be confronted by old sports equipment and hobbies that we have given up on, those clothes that once fit you, but now don’t, gifts that you feel bad about throwing, old books that are collecting dust.  Bit by bit, get rid of the ‘stuff’ that no longer has a place in your life.  Once you do this, you will begin to see a boost in happiness.

Don’t hold onto items that bring up bad feelings.


Sense of Achievement

Your mood will be boosted when you walk into a clutter free environment.  You will feel proud of the space you have created.  You will feel uplifted and much lighter.

You will have a sense of achievement and control.  You’re organized, efficient and in control of how you are living.


Boost Productivity

If you are used to living a cluttered life and get into the habit of living a decluttered one, you will feel less overwhelmed by the list of chores on your  to-do list.

When things are out of control, you feel physically and emotionally out of control.  You feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing, letting your list grow and becoming even more overwhelmed.

Because clutter is visually distracting, objects will be all that you see and will affect your ability to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Without the clutter, you can think more clearly and get your tasks done more easily one by one.  You productivity boosts and you will find yourself having more free time.

When things are out of control, physically and emotionally, it’s often too overwhelming so we do nothing, or we do the minimum to get by. Washing clothes when we have nothing left to wear or taking the bins out when we can’t balance anything else on top.

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Pay it Forward

What is clutter to you, may be needed by someone else.  Re-gift, take items to charity shops, give things away to people who may need them.

This will make you feel good.  You could also earn money if you sell some of your things.


When you declutter your life, you know what you have and where it belongs.  When you are organized, you will feel much happier.  You will learn that you don’t need the ‘stuff’ to make you happy.  You will have more time for yourself, your family and your friends.


Sleep Better

When you declutter, you reduce stress.  This will help to give you a better nights sleep as your mind has less mental clutter.  Staying more organized during the day, you won’t be as distracted in your mind at night time.

Keeping your bedroom free of declutter is important.  Make your bed each day will also improve your sleep quality.


Jodie xxx



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