As we grow older we tend to lose our creative knack. Something we are bursting with when we were young. There’s no reason for us to lose that spark  just because we become more…”grown up”.

You shouldn’t have to choose between being “grown up” and being creative. It  gives you the opportunity to let loose at the weekend. We help you wipe away that dust covering your creativity and help you re-discover the inner creativity in you.  From Paintings, to Baking, to Photograhy to Gardening and everything inbetween, we will post all of our weekend projects for you to get some inspiration from.

Harnessing inspiration can make you happier, less stressed and more confident.  Being creative, whether that’s writing, gardening or playing an instrument, helps us to relax and de-stress.

Even better, creativity itself breeds creativity. Being actively imaginative helps us to gain confidence in our abilities, and we are therefore more likely to think creatively in other aspects of our life, whether that is at work, social situations or in our relationships.