If you are feeling depleted, overwhelmed, stressed-out, frumpy, tired, bored or lethargic, you may have lost your mojo. How do you get your mojo back? Once you lose it, it is really hard to find the motivation to reclaim it. But you can’t remain in that mojo-less place for too long, or your lost mojo might mushroom into a full-blown depression.


Get Your Mojo Back

Get Your Mojo Back


  1. Address Stress – Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Lighten the load and address the source of the stress before anything else. Pinpoint the reason and take action. Very few things in life are worth the physical and emotional toll of chronic stress

2. Remember What Fun Is – Fun is an essential element of getting back your mojo. Re-live fun and happy times. Activities that you think you might enjoy again and do them again.

3. Get Physical – Without putting pressure on yourself, start an exercise routine. Find physical activities that you can enjoy. It doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or going for a run as long as it is physical and fun. Go for a walk on the beach for example.

Drive to the mountains and take a hike. Go skinny dipping at night. Get up from your chair and skip around the room or do some jumping jacks. Just get moving and enjoy it.



4. Take An Electronic Sabbatical – Don’t sit in front of the television or computer when you have lost your mojo! Once you sit in that chair, it will be hard to get back up.

Clear clutter or organize something. Go buy some flowers and arrange them.  Read something inspirational or motivating. Do something, anything, that is positive, productive and joyful.

5. Be Fabulous – Be fabulous! Take care of yourself. Get a great haircut, put on some make-up, wear clothes that make you feel happy and attractive.

Highlight the beauty inside of you by reflecting self-confidence on the outside.

6. Hang Out With The Best – Spend time with people who motivate you, uplift you, want the best for you and who are fun to be around.

Don’t spend time with people who drain you or make you feel uncomfortable.

It’s okay to isolate yourself and have some down time, but don’t make it a habit when you have lost your mojo. This could lead to depression. Go out and have fun with your favourite people.

7. Do Something Adventurous – Do something different and out of your comfort zone. Go somewhere interesting and exciting.Shake your life up a bit.

Tell someone you care about how you really feel. Be spontaneous. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do.



8. Love Your Body – When we lose our mojo, we can mistreat our bodies with Feng Shui Store - Feng Shui Shoptoo much alcohol, fatty/sugary foods, or medications. It’s impossible to get your groove back when your body is sedated with yucky stuff.

Treat your body with loving kindness. Eat mojo-supporting foods like lots of veggies, fruits and lean meats and less processed, high fat bad-for-you foods.

9. Train Your Brain – When you are down on your mojo, your mind likes to take over with negative thoughts, worry, and over-thinking. You have to treat your unruly mind the way you would a puppy or small child.

Every time it spirals off into negative thinking, redirect your memories to positive thinking or thoughts, reasons to be grateful or anything pleasant.

You will have to do this many times until your mind knows you mean business. Before long, it will be natural for you to redirect negative thinking patterns.

10. If Your Mojo Is Late, Don’t Wait – If you have taken action to get your groove back, but you are still feeling lethargic, tired or in the dumps after a few weeks, absolutely go to your doctor.

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