Begin with a few minutes of breathing mediation.




As best you can, relive the day so far.  From the moment you woke up to the present.  Consider each action you carried out.  Not just the big, more significant actions but all the smaller ones
as well.


Possibly the first action had to do with staying in bed for just five more minutes or the desire to get to the  kitchen for breakfast.  Maybe there was a disturbing thought of things that had
to be done at work or a pleasant though of having lunch with a



What other thoughts and actions occurred as the day progressed?  Impatience or even anger when you had to wait in a queue at the bank?  Satisfaction when you drove into the last parking space before someone else?  Bitterness when you realized you had to spend the day with someone you did not like?  Delighted when your boss praised you in front of the others?


If we are honest with ourselves, we will see that our day is filled with thoughts and actions that are directed at avoiding suffering in its many forms and experiencing happiness.  This is a motivation common to all sentient beings, the wish to experience happiness and avoid suffering.

There is, of course, no problem with possessions, wealth, a comfortable lifestyle etc.  The real problem is our underlying belief that these things will make us truly happy.  Forever!


Consider a time when you saved up and worked hard for something, made sacrifices and practised patience until it was possible to finally obtain the object of your dreams.  Where is that object
now?  What significance does it play in your life?  Do you still regard it with the same sentiment?  Chances are that you have moved on to other objects of desire.


Think again of a previous object of desire, a relationship, or

even a situation.  If at the time we knew what we know now, that it was impermanent and had no chance of living up to our expectation, would we have suffered so much to obtain it?  Would we have become so overwhelmed by the thought of having to have it/them otherwise our life would be ruined?




Finish the meditation by considering ways in which you may be able to understand the impermanent nature of phenomena in you life.  Appreciating them in a more rational way can prevent the extremes of attachment and desire or aversion and anger.


Consider the peace and contentment that would create in your mind.


Jodie xxx



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