Being grounded means being peaceful, connected to the flow of the your life. Grounded people are poptop varidesk alternativevibrant, present, engaging, warm and  confident.


Simply put: being grounded feels incredible.

Here are some feng shui ways to help you get there!





1. Watch for too much electricity.

Explore The Possibilities With!

If you live close to lots of power lines outside, put lots of plants in your house to absorb the excess electrical energy. Don’t overload outlets with plugs. Properly plug in all appliances. I recently learned that my stove was plugged illegally into an extension cord. I never felt comfortable there. Now that it’s grounded, it’s my favorite space to be.



2. Try some silence.


Turn your phone off. Close the computer for a siesta. Take some down time or a full day off if you can. Be quiet.

3. Eat more root veggies: beets, carrots, parsnips.


This is a simple way to literally consume more of the Earth’s energy.


4. Visit a forest or some big, local trees.

Lush trees with deep roots are the ultimate in grounded energy. Sit with them. Lean against them. Plant trees where they can be planted. If you are a city dweller livingfar from the woods, indoor trees in giant pots are incredible, too.



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5. Give crystals and stones a shot.

Born from the raw materials of our planet’s layers, shaped by force and attraction into magnificent forms, crystals are one of my favorite ways to feel more stable.While some healing modalities assign metaphysical properties to certain crystals, I find that their incredible colors and their uniqueness are, in themselves, practical magic. A big crystal in a chaotic office can help diffuse the tension. Even a handful of stones collected from places you have visited (people send me stones from around theworld!) can make a chaotic place feel more at ease.

6. Add some clay.

Ceramics, pottery and clay sculptures are all born of the earth. Some unglazed terra-cotta pots full of plants can be divine and easy to bring into your home. Collect a

few vases and put them on display. Fill the spaces you stay in most with Earth element to help you feel more centered.


7. Wear more grounding colors.

We think of the Earth element colors as shades of brown and beige, but you should know that Fire colors (red, orange, hot pink) can also help to ground you. In the feng shui element cycle, Fire
is the element that creates and strengthens Earth with its vibrant, magnetic energy. Note: if you’re feeling flighty and anxious, too, skip the fire colors and stay with neutrals.


8. Use earthy aromatherapy.

You may or may not have pleasant associations with patchouli, but it’s an incredible energetically grounding essential oil. Frankincense and sandalwood are luxurious grounding oils. Easier-to-find cedarwood and lavender are also wonderful. I always test a drop for 24 hours on my wrist before using a new essential oil. If you find ones you love, you can sprinkle a few drops into a bath or even rub a few drops directly on the soles of your feet.

It is amazing to see how dynamic we can be when we are actually grounded. Experiment and find one or a few ways that work to make you feel calm and centered. When you feel yourself getting scattered and spacey, you will know how to get back to your space of empowerment!




Jodie xxx











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  1. Yoga is for everyone! our two lovely kids even join us when we have yoga session. And the good thing is we make it our family bonding. We do yoga at home together and a lot of fun and games afterwards.. 🙂

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